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A leafy, family-friendly community in southwest Sydney

Current as at: March 2024

Construction and planning updates 

Stage 4B: Construction has commenced for 51 residential lots inclusive of 14 social lots. Works are anticipated to be completed by April 2024. 

Stage 9: Stormwater drainage, earthworks and water supply works are progressing on site. This stage is on track for completion by mid-2024. 

Riley Park: Civil works continue on site for 20 residential lots inclusive of five social lots with works scheduled for completion by April 2024. 

Towner Avenue

Construction of the western part of Towner Avenue is complete, linking St John’s Road and Partridge Street. This section of road will open to the public following approval from Council, which we hope to get in April 2024. Works to complete the eastern part of Towner Avenue are expected to commence in mid-2024 and will connect Partridge Street and Riverside Drive, south of the Newbrook Shopping Village. 

Kevin Wheatley Reserve 

Following the fire, the design of the stormwater tank for Kevin Wheatley Reserve is being revised with works aiming to recommence by mid-2024. On completion, the Kevin Wheatley Reserve will feature two full-sized soccer fields with synthetic grass and lights, a new amenities building, a playground and a half-court basketball court. 

The Pond

Works on the Pond reserve have recommenced with the completion of earthworks and progression of the stormwater drainage. The upgraded Pond will include a larger water reserve, new landscaping and paths, seating and a new playground.  

The project

Newbrook is a new masterplanned community that is transforming 92 hectares of land close to Campbelltown with much-needed affordable housing.

In partnership with the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, Landcom is delivering a modern, socially mixed community with diverse housing types.

Newbrook family housing

Airds, 2km southeast of Campbelltown

Local council area

Campbelltown City Council

Proposed homes

Approximately 1,780 private and social homes


At Newbrook, Landcom is committed to building a thriving and engaged community through initiatives and activities that bring people together. These include:

  • seasonal and cultural community events, planned throughout the year to drive social connections
  • free fitness classes (through Live Life Get Active) that run five days a week during school terms, to improve the health and wellbeing of residents
  • a free fortnightly program of fitness activities (through Ready Steady Go Kids) for primary school students, to improve their health and wellbeing.
Newbrook community
New residents (estimated)


Delivery timing

2012-2028, in nine stages

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  • The Pond upgrade works anticipated to be completed
  • Stage 4B construction completed
  • Stage 7A construction to be continued
  • Stage 9 construction to be continued
  • Stages 4A and 6B construction completed
  • Stages 7A and 9 construction anticipated to begin
  • Kevin Wheatley playing fields construction to be continued
  • Upgrade works on The Pond to be continued
  • Riverside Drive realignment and upgrade works anticipated to be completed
2022 and earlier
  • Stage 6A construction completed (2022)
  • Stage 4B construction started (2022)
  • The Pond upgrade works started (2022)
  • Riverside Drive realignment and upgrade works started (2022)
  • Kevin Wheatley playing fields construction started (2021)
  • Campbellfield Avenue (Towner Avenue) extension works started (2020)
  • Stages 4A and 6A construction started (2020)
  • Stage 3 construction completed (2020)
  • Stage 3 construction started (2018)
  • Stages 1 and 2 construction completed (2016)
  • Stages 1 and 2 construction started (2014)
  • Rezoning approved (2013)
  • Concept plan approved (2012)

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