A respectful touch brings the past into the future

Our challenge as masterplanner and master developer was to breathe new life into the 85ha former hospital site while preserving its rich mix of natural, environmental and heritage features.

We began by leading the state heritage listing and approval processes, then remediated the site and built sustainable infrastructure.

We restored and adaptively re-used 19 heritage buildings for residential and community use, using authentic materials, such as roof slates from Wales, and sympathetic building methods. These heritage buildings became the heart of a new residential and community precinct.

Our masterplan addressed environmental sustainability, heritage, urban design, housing solutions, community amenity, connectivity, accessibility and technology.

Today Prince Henry at Little Bay is a community living an iconic coastal lifestyle connected to Aboriginal and European heritage and the natural environment.

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Facts at a glance


Prince Henry is on Anzac Parade in Little Bay, in the south of Randwick Local Government Area.


The project is a 33ha mix of more than 1,000 homes including houses, townhouses, and apartments as well as 19 renovated heritage buildings, aged care accommodation, commercial facilities and a community centre.


Landcom was masterplanner and master developer, partnered with the NSW Government in a project with a $1 billion end value.

Connection strengthens this special place

Prince Henry at Little Bay is a diverse and connected community and a place to connect with heritage and nature.

People enjoy a diversity of new and heritage buildings, thanks to the integration of community facilities, aged care services, a mix of housing types, and the inclusion of surrounding community through public access to community facilities and to the coast. They also enjoy aspects of heritage interpretation and public art throughout the site, and easier access to Little Bay beach.

More than 2,200 residents now live in this vibrant coastal community.

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Prince Henry Hospital closes

State Heritage Register listing of Prince Henry site

Prince Henry Nurses and Medical Museum opens

Masterplan approved

Women’s Alcohol and Drug Advisory Centre opens

First homesites sold

St Luke’s Care opens retirement village

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW opens


Retail shops, cafes and medical facilities open

Prince Henry Community Association launched

Project complete

Project highlights


Our vision was to rejuvenate the former Prince Henry Hospital site with a new residential and community precinct, balancing the old and the new while retaining much of the site in public ownership and creating a showcase of coastal urban renewal and diverse housing.

Landcom 45 Little Bay Vision

Creating a place for people

The former hospital site is known for its therapeutic winds and as a special place of healing.

Connecting to this special sense of place, we fulfilled our promises to the community to provide for health and aged care services, to maintain and improve access to the beach, to preserve bushland and maintain the open landscape setting, and to rehouse seven community groups as part of the project.

We retained and conserved 19 heritage buildings and landscape items within the 11ha core historic precinct and constructed a $5.2 million Community Centre for Randwick City Council.

The community groups and facilities keep people connected while heritage interpretation and public art connects the past to the present.

Landcom 45 Little Bay Places for people

Integrating environmental sustainability

With more than 80% of the site retained as public open space, we improved access to the beach and protected important Aboriginal sites under the supervision of the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council.

We conserved 4.2ha of threatened Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub and established a Geological Reserve for the nationally listed Little Bay Geological site.

Water sensitive urban design measures reduce demand on potable water. Natural swales and ponds provide 95% of irrigation for public open space and 70% of the golf course’s irrigation.

Other environmental achievements include recycling 90% of demolition material, setting requirements for energy efficiency in buildings and creating additional local parks and pathways.

Landcom 45 Little Bay Sustainability

Creating place through heritage and community development

Built in 1881, Prince Henry Hospital was the oldest public hospital in NSW and contained many historically significant buildings and landscape items.

We led the nomination of the site to be listed on the NSW Heritage Register to protect its history.  Following Conservation and Archaeological Management Plans we retained and restored 19 heritage buildings and landscape items, including throughout the core heritage precinct.

Our masterplan achieved a diverse and connected coastal community. We provided diverse housing types, rehoused seven community groups, built a Community Centre, parks and interpretation.

It is the connection of community and heritage and landscape that continue to make Prince Henry such a special place today.

Landcom 45 Little Bay Heritage

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