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Landcom privacy statement

Landcom’s Privacy Policy sets out our practices relating to how Landcom handles the personal and health information it collects and holds, including how Landcom complies with the NSW privacy legislation and this Privacy Policy.

In particular, our Privacy Policy states that we will only disclose your personal or health information for the purpose it was collected or in accordance with the NSW privacy legislation unless legally required or permitted to do so. Some examples of where Landcom may be legally required or permitted to disclose personal information include but are not limited to:

  • Requests for information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009
  • A report made under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994
  • Standing Order 52 Calls for Papers
  • Law enforcement and related matter
  • Investigative agencies or where responding to reports of suspected fraud or corruption

This website is provided and maintained by Landcom. For information about cookies and the limited information we collect about users to Landcom’s website as well as Landcom’s practices in respect to personal and health information, please see Landcom’s Privacy Policy or contact Landcom’s Privacy/Right to Information Officer.

The Right to Information and Privacy Officer 
Landcom, Level 14, 60 Station Street 
Parramatta NSW 
Phone (02) 9841 8600.