Collaboration supports Shellharbour’s future

Landcom has been part of the fabric of Shellharbour in the Illawarra for over 20 years. 

At the time Shellharbour’s future prosperity was at the risk of being constrained by its limited shopping centre, perceptions about safety in the town centre and limited local housing supply.

Landcom’s land holdings provided the opportunity to address these challenges and make a difference in Shellharbour, delivering new job opportunities, new homesites and new communities.

We also developed major greenfield projects in Shellharbour, delivering over 2,000 residential homesites at our Lakeview and Woodlands estates over the 20 years since 1988.

Our work at Shellharbour supports our belief that Councils know their community best. Working together our Shellharbour project helped increase employment opportunities, improved amenity and safety around the town centre, and provided more and more diverse housing for the Shellharbour community.

Facts at a glance


Shellharbour is in the Illawarra region, located some 100km south of Sydney, in the Shellharbour Local Government Area.


We masterplanned and developed the 12ha mix use town centre precinct. This development included 10,000m2 retail, 7,50m2 commercial, 7,500m2 bulky goods and incorporatied 61 residential apartments.

We also masterplanned and developed the Lakeview and Woodlands residential estates in Shellharbour. Working with project home builders to offer new homes, we developed over 2,000 homesites.


Our role at Shellharbour was as masterplanner and development coordinator, partnering with Shellharbour City Council.

We delivered infrastructure and sold serviced superlots to developers for commercial and retail buildings in the town centre.

We also developed residential land and partnered with project home builders to offer new homes that met our Design Guidelines and achieve faster Council approval.


Land acquired

Masterplan approved

Town centre infrastructure complete


Home design guidelines in place


Lakeview and Woodlands estates completed

Project highlights


To unlock potential for Shellharbour’s future prosperity by working with Council to provide the opportunity to address specific challenges and make a difference in Shellharbour, delivering new job opportunities, new homesites and new communities.

Shellharbour Vision

Creating a place for people

Our masterplan for Shellharbour town centre has supported its prosperity and helped make it a safer place through design. Harrison Park and the other spaces we delivered also help to bring the community together.

Our new housing estates delivered quality and affordable homesites within new communities close to services. Through the 2000’s our Woodlands development hosted programs to support community connections.


Integrating environmental sustainability

Sustainability and design quality are key to our work at Shellharbour.

Project specific home design guidelines guided design quality and sustainability features and attention was given to deliver quality streetscapes and safe pedestrian experiences throughout the town centre, park and new neighbourhoods.

Shellharbour Sustainability

Creating place through community development

Our masterplan for the town centre supported Council’s desired architectural outcomes.  The new Park delivered an outdoor entertainment space, memorial and pond at the edge with a treelined boulevard connecting the old to the new town centre.

The new main street helped to support a new cultural, civic and entertainment hub and deliver Council’s objectives for a vibrant, interesting and safe main street, more jobs and more and more diverse housing.  The precinct now houses cinemas, shops, gyms, clubs and restaurants, and financial and health services.

Shellharbour heritage

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