About the Parramatta Road Program

The Parramatta Road Corridor is a strategically important transport and movement route for people who live, work and travel in the area. The Corridor is characterised by chronic traffic congestion, loud noise and low quality commercial premises. The Corridor, which connects Sydney CBD to Parramatta, Sydney’s second CBD, is a priority area for the long term growth and improvement of Sydney.

After three years of consultation and collaboration, the Strategy and Implementation Tool Kit have now been finalised and adopted by the NSW Government. The Strategy does not rezone land but is given statutory force by a Ministerial Direction under section 117 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. (Click on the link 'Current and previously issued section 117 2 directions' and refer to the document 'List of local planning directions issued by the Minister on or after 1 July 2009'); Item 7.3)

The Strategy is supported by an Implementation Tool Kit – a suite of four documents which will be used by councils and other stakeholders when making land use decisions. The documents that form the Implementation Tool Kit guide where and when rezoning should occur, and identify the infrastructure that is required to support land use change in the Corridor.

The Strategy sets out the vision and land use and transport principles to accommodate 27,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs in a range of industries across the Corridor over the next 30 years. The Implementation Tool Kit responds to community priorities for more open space and more appealing streets, reduced traffic congestion, improved public transport and a better environment for residents and business.

The Strategy is supported by a $198m Government funding package to stimulate growth and change in the Corridor including streetscape upgrades, creation of new or improved open spaces, urban plazas and town squares, and new walking and cycling links to key transport nodes and open space.

The release of the Strategy largely concludes our involvement. Local councils, the Department of Planning and Environment and other State agencies all have a role in implementing the Strategy and the Implementation Tool Kit. If you are thinking about preparing a zoning proposal, please consult early with your local council and relevant State agencies.



Project outcomes

The Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy responds to two broad needs identified in 'A Plan for Growing Sydney' - that is, to support growth, and make the Parramatta Road Corridor (the Corridor) a better place to live work and visit.

To realise the Corridor's potential, the Strategy sets out a framework for:

  • more efficient and reliable public transport that will connect people and places from east to west and north to south
  • housing supply and provision of diverse and affordable housing
  • a productive business environment that supports a range of prosperous businesses and a variety of employment opportunities 
  • a series of well-serviced and well-connected communities where people will want to live
  • a diverse range of spaces, places and links for people to visit, connect with and enjoy
  • implementation and successful delivery.

Next steps

UrbanGrowth NSW thanks everyone who has participated in the preparation of this integrated land use planning and transport policy framework for the transformation of the Parramatta Road Corridor over the next 30 years. For information about how stakeholder feedback on the draft Strategy has informed the final Strategy please refer to Informing the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy.

Implementation of the Strategy will be staged, sequenced with the delivery of key infrastructure. Agencies responsible for delivering the Strategy include the Department of Planning and Environment, the Greater Sydney CommissionTransport for NSWRoads and Maritime Services and local Councils.

For more information about the Strategy and implementation please refer to the Fact Sheets and Strategy in Publications

Community engagement

Two draft versions of the Strategy have previously been displayed for public feedback. Consultation with the community and other stakeholders began in late 2013. UrbanGrowth NSW exhibited the most recent draft version in September to December 2015 and received more than 3,700 responses through submissions and surveys.

A summary of the feedback we received and our initial response was provided in the Consultation Outcomes Report, May 2016.

Informing the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy is a linking document between the Consultation Outcomes Report, May 2016 and the Strategy, describing how stakeholder feedback on the draft Strategy has informed the final Strategy.

You can continue to be involved in the transformation of the Corridor through public exhibition processes for the draft District Plans and any future rezoning proposals.


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50,000 new jobs

A productive business environment to support viable and prosperous businesses, up to 50,000 new jobs in a range of industries over 30 years.

27,000 new dwellings

27,000 new homes well-located to transport and services, with a diverse mix of housing types and choices. A minimum of 5% of new homes will

56,000 new residents

Up to 56,000 people in 27,000 new homes well-located to transport, services and jobs, with a diverse mix of housing types and choices.