Welcome to Edmondson Park

Edmondson Park isn’t just a suburb, it’s a brand new town with a village feel, its own train station, 150 hectares of parklands and a wide range of living options for every stage of life. Edmondson Park will be the first new town in South West Sydney to have its own train station.

You can leave your car in the garage and catch the train to work, your kids have easy access to schools and entertainment and the city is just 50 minutes away.

At Edmondson Park you can also add your unique touch by building the home that suits you. There will be trendy apartments close to your station, Metro lots for growing families and Village blocks with enough room for even the keenest gardener. 

Changes to Town Centre North

Changes to Town Centre North

We have lodged an application with the Department of Planning and Environment to amend the Concept Plan and the State Environmental Planning Policy (State Significant Precincts) 2005.

The application is on public exhibition from 7 November to 4 December 2018. A copy of our application and details about how to provide feedback are available on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website.

FAQs about Town Centre North

Previous consultation

On Saturday 4 August 2018, Landcom held an information session to give the community an opportunity to learn about and provide their feedback on the proposed amendments to the Edmondson Park Town Centre (North) Concept Plan.

We advertised this consultation session in local papers and letterbox dropped more than 4000 properties. Thirty seven people attended the session.

View the information boards from the event

A number of issues were identified during the consultation process, including traffic and parking, building heights and open space. These issues were responded to in our engagement outcomes report and will be considered further when we undertake detailed planning for the precinct.

Download our engagement outcomes report

For further information please contact us on:

Phone: 9841 8600
Email: edmondsonpark@landcom.nsw.gov.au

For land purchasers

For customers who have purchased land and require information about Design and Landscape Rebates, download the Design & Landscape Rebates form

For further information contact:

Email: info@landcom.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 9841 8600


Latest news

Project information

Read the information below to find out more about the planning, development and community aspects of the project.

About the Edmondson Park project

Construction at Edmondson Park is well underway. Once complete the area will feature:

  • A new town centre proposed adjacent to the railway station with up to 45,000m2 of retail, business and commercial space and a town square
  • About 4,000 new homes in a diverse mix of housing types
  • Upgrades to parts of Campbelltown Road
  • New and upgraded schools
  • A 150 hectare regional park and a network of smaller community parks, playgrounds and reserves
  • New walkways and cycleway
  • Public artworks 


Edmondson Park and Bardia have strong links to Australia’s military history. They were home to the first purpose-built defence base and training ground during World War Two. This was also used during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Edmondson Park includes the Ingleburn Military Heritage Precinct which is listed on the State Heritage Register.

Landcom is working to conserve the local military history, for example many streets feature military names and some public artworks reflect military themes.




Landcom has a commitment to develop Edmondson Park in a sustainable way, including:

  • Working with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to revegetate and enhance the natural features of the area
  • Ensuring a diverse housing mix, ranging from large rural residential lots to smaller terraces and apartments
  • Establishing higher density homes close to transport nodes 

Education program

The Edmondson Park Education Program provides teaching and learning resources to assist primary and secondary students investigate the geography, history and heritage value of Edmondson Park, and to understand its changing identity as a result of planned development.

Edmondson Park offers students the opportunity to investigate a locally significant development project inside and outside the classroom. It raises questions about why places grow and how the demographic, economic and social features of a locality evolve.

An education program that embeds current urban growth in its historic and geographic context not only links communities with their past and present, but helps explain the likely outcomes of change as development rolls out across the locality.