Valuing Creative Placemaking Toolkit

This project focused on the ways that creative placemaking activities are linked to social and economic value, to demonstrate that these activities have direct or associated financial value for developers as well as local communities. The toolkit has been designed to help creative placemakers capture the value of these activities and understand how to improve them. This toolkit is intended to be easy to use, scalable and helpful to a wide range of organisations and situations including a one-off event or a series of interconnected placemaking programs.

Landcom and the Hunter Central Coast Development Corporation partnered with City People, the University of Newcastle, Macquarie University and the University of New South Wales to identify specific social and economic indicators that may be used to evaluate and value creative place-making as a valuable developmental tool in its own right.

‘Creative placemaking uses the arts to make a place more vibrant, more socially engaging and more enjoyable and interesting overall.’ 


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