Landcom social media terms of use

The following rules are intended to provide a quality experience for the people who choose to interact with our page. Landcom reserves the right to remove comments or block users who publish content which: 

  • Is abusive, obscene, indecent or offensive language, including in languages other than English;
  • Is defamatory, abusive, harassing or hateful remarks or represent unproven or inaccurate accusations against individuals, organisations or political beliefs;
  • Is not topically related to the particular article;
  • Infringes or threatens the privacy of others;
  • Is a personal comment or attack made about other users and Landcom staff;
  • Advertises, endorses or solicits commercial products, link baiting (embedding a link to draw traffic to another website), or vigilante (or 'call to action') comments;
  • Breaches copyright;
  • Discloses confidential information;
  • Relates to legal matters involving Landcom;
  • Impersonates other people, including other participants;
  • Is in support of or opposition to political campaigns;
  • Is considered pornographic or contains links or content sexual in nature;
  • Relates negatively to religious or cultural belief;
  • Contains long embedded URLs; and
  • Is longer than 300 words.

There may be materials contained within that are licensed by Copyright Agency. If so, you must not copy this work without permission.

Ongoing abuse or 'spamming' of Landcom social media pages will result in the user/subscriber being removed and permanently blocked from Landcom’s social media sites. Landcom reserves the right to remove/block any third-party user or subscriber to its social media activities at any time without consultation.

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