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Rooty Hill

Landcom is working with the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure to create an affordable, diverse and sustainable neighbourhood at Dunsmore Street, Rooty Hill.

The project could deliver between 300 and 500 much-needed homes, to be refined as planning progresses, with future residents a short walk or cycle from Rooty Hill Station, shops, schools and amenities.

The project will follow a range of best-practice design principles, including:

  • a mix of housing types to provide greater choice, affordability and housing security for a range of new residents
  • a portion of homes to be set aside as Affordable Housing for those on low to moderate household incomes, such as key workers like childcare staff, nurses and teachers
  • an urban design approach that acknowledges and connects with Country
  • preservation of building remains of the heritage-listed former Government Depot (stock farm), which makes up part of the site, with ways to educate visitors about the site's history
  • preservation and restoration of bushland along Angus Creek to enhance habitat for local wildlife
  • tree-lined local streets to provide shade and cool the streets
  • sustainable flood and stormwater management solutions
  • new public open spaces for the wider community to relax and play
  • new neighbourhood connections to encourage walking and cycling.

We are working with specialist consultants to prepare technical studies related to local traffic, the natural environment, heritage, urban design and public open space. Investigations will help us to prepare the necessary applications for development.

The map below shows the location of the project site (grey), the former Government Depot site and nearby amenities.

At Landcom, we’re committed to community consultation and engagement as a way to effectively communicate about our planned developments. 

We will continue to keep neighbours and the wider community informed as project planning progresses, including about any opportunities to have your say. Complete the form at the bottom of our project page to sign up for email updates about the Rooty Hill project. A summary of our community consultation activities is included below.  

Shape a vision for the project (February-March 2024)

We want to hear from those who live, work, study and play in the Rooty Hill area - or who are planning to move to Rooty Hill in the future - to create a shared vision for the Rooty Hill project that informs our ongoing planning and design decisions. 

A vision is a shared aspiration for a place (here's an example from another project). It should answer questions like: 

  • What does Rooty Hill look and feel like?
  • Beyond the buildings and physical spaces we build, what is life here like?
  • What are our priorities when planning and designing this neighbourhood?

When complete, this 'vision' becomes the touchstone for a project, informing decision making from design development to project implementation. A project with a clear vision knows where it is heading and can take informed steps to arrive there. 

Visit Join In Landcom to get involved between February and March 2024. 

A parcel of land within the project area is the State Heritage-listed Government Depot (former). Within an area of this heritage-listed lot are building remains associated with a former Government Stock Farm that raised livestock and produced grains in the 1800s. 

The nearby Rooty Hill Historic Site is associated with the Stock Farm and is also believed to have been a landmark for settlers and the Dharug people, the traditional custodians, as they travelled through the area. Angus Creek, which runs through the site's north, is also believed to have been a navigation path and meeting place for the Dharug people.

Landcom acknowledges that the Government Depot, neighbouring Rooty Hill Historic Site and Angus Creek are important to Australia’s colonial and Indigenous history. We are striving to deliver an outcome regarding the site’s future which respects its history, while providing quality new public spaces and housing which are well integrated within the Rooty Hill neighbourhood for future generations to appreciate and celebrate.

We have engaged heritage experts to better understand how the former Government Depot building ruins and former uses of the site can be interpreted in open space and landscaping. We have also engaged a consultant to meet with local Aboriginal community stakeholders, helping to better understand the site’s context and features that can inform design principles to recognise and celebrate Country, culture and people.

The below map shows the location of the project (grey), the former Government Depot site and nearby amenities.

The majority of the site is open grass paddock, however vegetation within the Angus Creek corridor will be preserved and enhanced. An ecological survey will be undertaken to ensure impacts to the surrounding environment are minimised.

Development will be setback from the vegetated creek corridor to reduce bushfire and flood risk. Any developable areas will be raised above the flood planning level. Landcom is also investigating opportunity for stormwater detention basins to be delivered within open space areas to mitigate flood risk.

Additional design features include increased tree planting to provide shade and cool the neighbourhood; pedestrian and cycle paths to encourage active transport and healthier lifestyles; and housing will not include gas connections, favouring more sustainable electricity connections.

Modelling has shown that local roads will have capacity for additional traffic generated by the development. New residents will also be able to walk or cycle to nearby destinations, including Rooty Hill railway station and town centre, Blacktown International Sportspark and Western Sydney Parklands.

Off-street, private parking to support future homes will be delivered in accordance with Blacktown City Council requirements.

Safe, secure and affordable housing is essential to the wellbeing of individuals, the vibrancy of our communities and the productivity of the NSW economy.

Affordable Housing is housing that falls under any of the below:

  • Affordable Rental Housing is rental housing for a mix of low or moderate income households. Rent is discounted so that residents are able to meet other basic living costs, such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education.
  • Affordable Ownership Housing is private market housing which is affordable for purchase by moderate or below moderate-income households.
  • Other Affordable Housing is housing product which improves housing affordability more generally and may include shared equity schemes and rent-to-buy models.

Landcom’s Housing Policy identifies objectives and specific targets which describe how we will contribute to meeting housing needs in metropolitan and regional NSW.

Project planning for the proposed Rooty Hill development is underway. We are working with specialist consultants and consulting with Blacktown City Council.

In early-mid 2024 we will lodge with Council a development application for earthworks, landscaping and subdivision of lots for future homes as part of the initial development phase. This will be followed by further planning for the next development phase, including detailed design processes for open space and landscaping, informed by the shared vision developed with the community.

Subject to project approvals, construction and landscaping works to support the future delivery of homes is anticipated to start in 2025. Expressions of interest for sales have not yet begun, however we expect to release sales information in 2025 or later.

Sign up for project updates using the web form below. 

If you require the services of an interpreter, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask them to call Landcom on 02 9841 8600. The interpreter will then assist you with the translation.

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