About the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A (Stages 1-3) project

The Riverstone Scheduled Lands consists of about 1,600 residential lots that were subdivided in 1881 and that are currently owned by over 320 landowner groups. While much of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands has been rezoned to allow for residential development, the land has not been developed because it is not serviced with infrastructure such as roads, drainage, water, sewer and electricity.

An amendment to Schedule 7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 came into force in 2013 to provide a process to enable development of paper subdivisions.

On behalf of landowners, Landcom is coordinating and delivering the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Development Plan Precinct A (Stages 1-3).

The Minister for Planning has asked Landcom to investigate possible development for the remainder of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands, including Precinct A (Stages 4-5), Precinct B and Precinct C. We have commenced these preliminary investigations, however, we currently have no formal role beyond these investigations and there is no timetable for development of lots outside Precinct A (Stages 1-3).

Map of Riverstone Scheduled Lands

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Precinct A (Stages 1-3)

The first application of the paper subdivision legislation is the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A (Stages 1 - 3) project. Landcom (then trading as UrbanGrowth NSW) was appointed in July 2015 to coordinate the development of approximately 300 lots on behalf of around 50 landowner groups.

In March 2016, the majority of Precinct A landowners voted in favour of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Development Plan and in November 2016 the NSW Minister for Planning issued a Subdivision Order (refer to Planning and Environment Notices) to allow Landcom, as the Relevant Authority, to implement the Development Plan.

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What's your preferred name for Road 57?

RIV Road57MapBlacktown City Council has approved applications to name three of the new roads already:

  • Road 51 - St Julians Cresent in Stage 2
  • Road 52 - Paceville Road in Stage 2
  • Road 56 - Globe Street

Now we would like your input into naming Road 57.

There are five names to choose from in this poll to name Road 57. These names are currently unused in Blacktown City Council area and have been selected from three categories. The three categories are:

  • popular girls' names in the 1880s
  • Riverstone flora
  • the name of Lady Mary O’Connell's residence in Sydney. She owned much of Riverstone in 1881.
Which name do you prefer for new Road 57?

We would like your input before Friday 17 August 2018 and we will provide the results of the poll to Blacktown City Council.

Once the poll has closed we will publish the results on this page.

Blacktown City Council and the Geographical Names Board will make the final decision.

Current status

Current status

Onsite works started February 2018 for Precinct A (Stages 1 and 3)

The Development Application (SPP-17-00001) for Precinct A (Stages 1 and 3) was approved by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel in November 2017. Demolition and remediation works have commenced on site.

Infrastructure works will continue across each Stage subject to required approvals. The Subdivision Plan will be registered upon completion of these works and subject to approval. Following Subdivision Plan registration, project costs will be reconciled and any surplus distributed to landowners, where applicable.

Update to Development Application for Precinct A (Stage 2)

The Development Application (SPP-17-00011) for Precinct A (Stage 2) is progressing through Blacktown City Council's assessment processes.


2018 & beyond

  • 15 January - Stage 1 demolition and remediation works commenced
  • Subject to approvals, carry out infrastructure works
  • Subject to approvals, Subdivision Plan registered
  • Following Subdivision Plan registration across the whole project, costs reconciled and surplus distributed to landowners, where applicable
  • Serviced lots for sale by Landcom and private landowners


  • 30 November - Development Application for Stages 1 and 3 approved
  • 30 November - Stage 2 and 3 landowners paid their monetary contributions
  • June - Stage 2 Development Application lodged with Blacktown City Council
  • 31 March - Stage 1 landowners paid their monetary contributions
  • March - Development Application for Stages 1 and 3 lodged with Blacktown City Council
  • February and March - landowners entered into a Voluntary Contributions Agreements


  • 11 November - Subdivision Order gazetted and establishes Landcom as Relevant Authority to deliver the Development Plan
  • March - ballot held with landowners and majority voted in favour of the Development Plan
  • Early 2016 - Landcom manages design and engineering consultants to prepare the Development Plan

Contact us

For further information about the project, please

Phone: 1800 238 321
Email: riverstone@landcom.nsw.gov.au

Case Manager: support services for Precinct A landowners

Landcom has appointed GHD as a Case Manager to provide a confidential and independent support service for landowners within the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A (Stages 1-3).

The service provides support to landowners who may be having difficulty understanding or meeting the requirements of their Voluntary Contributions Agreement. The service also supports landowners who may have received notice that part or all of their land is at risk of being compulsorily acquired by Landcom. For more information please refer to the Case Manager FAQ.

Case Manager contact details are:

Ms Reem Finkelde 
Phone: 9239 7098 
Email: Reem.Finkelde@ghd.com