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Riverstone Scheduled Lands - Precinct A (Stages 1-3)

A new era for scheduled lands

map riverstone sheduled landsLandcom is honoured to be coordinating the delivery of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Development Plan Precinct A (Stages 1-3) on behalf of around 50 landowner groups.

Covering about 16ha, the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A (Stage 1-3) consists of about 300 residential lots. While much of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands has been rezoned to allow for residential development, the land has not been developed due to the lack of infrastructure such as roads, drainage, water, sewer and electricity.

Our vision is to transform Precinct A (Stages 1-3), on behalf of landowners, through the successful application of the 2013 NSW Paper subdivisions legislation  .

This project is aligned with our broader strategic goals of:

  • increasing housing affordability supply and diversity
  • leading partnerships to unlock development opportunities and improve project delivery
  • continuing to demonstrate our excellence in sustainable development and planning practice.

The Minister for Planning has asked Landcom to investigate possible development for the remainder of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands, including Precinct A (Stages 4-5), Precinct B and Precinct C. We have commenced these preliminary investigations, however, we currently have no role beyond these investigations and there is no timetable for development of lots outside Precinct A (Stages 1-3).

Facts at a glance

  • Location


  • Project area


  • Local government area


  • Proposed residential dwellings

    Approximately 300

  • New residents

    Approximately 500

  • Delivery timing


About the project

In March 2016, the majority of Precinct A (Stages 1-3) landowners voted in favour of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Development Plan and in November 2016 the NSW Minister for Planning issued a Subdivision Order to allow Landcom, as the Relevant Authority, to implement the Development Plan.

As the Relevant Authority, Landcom is responsible for the delivery of the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Development Plan Precinct A (Stages 1-3).

This is a unique project with the majority of the development lots held by private landowners. Blacktown City Council and the State Government also own land across Riverstone Scheduled Lands, mostly zoned for conservation.

We are managing applications and the provision of infrastructure such as roads, drainage, water, sewer, gas and electricity.

Once complete, the Riverstone Lands Precinct A (Stages 1-3) project will deliver:

  • essential infrastructure
  • subdivided land with lot size diversity
  • all costs recouped through contributions from landowners
  • a successful application of the legislative process to unlock paper subdivision land
  • approximately 300 residential lots to address housing demand
  • conservation areas retained in accordance with zoning.

For more information on the paper subdivision development process please visit the FAQ and Publications

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Current works

Civil infrastructure works have commenced Precinct A (Stage 1-3).

There is currently no timetable for development of lots outside Precinct A (Stages 1-3).

Work will continue into 2020.

Find out about land for sale.

New factsheet about selling land at Riverstone Scheduled Lands

We want local real estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, landholders and prospective purchasers to know how the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A (Stages 1-3) project affects property transactions.

Precinct A (Stages 1-3) development consents

The development consent drawings can be downloaded below. These documents are current as at 24 January 2019 and are subject to the following disclaimer.

People intending to rely on these documents should obtain their own independent professional advice. Landcom will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on any part of these documents. People who use, rely or make reference to these documents will do so at their own risk and are deemed to have agreed to this disclaimer.





  • 11 November - Subdivision Order gazetted and establishes Landcom as Relevant Authority to deliver the Development Plan
  • March - ballot held with landowners and majority voted in favour of the Development Plan
  • Early 2016 - Landcom manages design and engineering consultants to prepare the Development Plan


  • 30 November - Development Application for Stages 1 and 3 approved
  • 30 November - Stage 2 and 3 landowners paid their monetary contributions
  • June - Stage 2 Development Application lodged with Blacktown City Council
  • 31 March - Stage 1 landowners paid their monetary contributions
  • March - Development Application for Stages 1 and 3 lodged with Blacktown City Council
  • February and March - landowners entered into a Voluntary Contributions Agreements

2018 and beyond

  • 15 January 2018 - Stage 1 demolition and remediation works commenced
  • December 2018 development consent stages A2 approved
  • December 2018 construction consent stage A1 approved
  • April 2019 construction consent stage A3 approved
  • Following Subdivision Plan registration across the whole project, costs reconciled and surplus distributed to landowners, where applicable
  • Serviced lots for sale by Landcom and private landowners
  • 28 September 2019- First sales release schedule
  • Early 2020 - anticipated registration of stage A1

Our approach

Affordability supply and diversity

The development of Precinct A (Stages 1-3) unlocks some 300 new lots in Riverstone with a diversity of lots sizes.

Successful partnerships

To help facilitate the Riverstone Schedule Lands development we have held information sessions with landowner groups where we’ve discussed the voluntary contributions agreements (VCA) and the Development Plan for the development of their lots. We continue to engage the local community and inform local residents about development progress.

Landcom will continue its commitment to meaningful participation with organisations, people and groups who have a stake in the future of Reverstone.

Under a Subdivision Order, Landcom is the 'Relevant Authority' for the subdivision and servicing of Precinct A (Stages 1-3) of Riverstone Scheduled Lands.

This is the first application of the process to develop paper subdivision land and Landcom is honored by the trust of landowners to deliver this development on their behalf. We continue to engage Precinct A (Stage 1-3) landowners about their obligations under the Voluntary Planning Agreement, and inform landowners and local residents about development progress.

Sustainability leadership

Our sustainability initiatives at Riverstone Precinct A (Stages 1-3) include:

  • extensive remediation of contaminated land
  • conservation areas retained in accordance with zoning
  • application of the paper subdivisions legislation: process that allows many individual landowners to develop together.

Get in touch

Contact us on (02) 9841 8600 if you have any questions.

Interpreter Symbol text jpgIf you require the services of an interpreter, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask them to call Landcom on 02 9841 8600. The interpreter will then assist you with the translation. 

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