About Landcom

The NSW Government is taking action to improve housing affordability across the state, particularly in Sydney where the challenge is the greatest. Landcom is focused on supporting this government priority and delivering the local infrastructure to help new communities grow and thrive.

Landcom unlocks surplus or underutilised government-owned sites or large institutional land holdings to create vibrant urban places with housing choices, community facilities, open spaces and access to services. We have a long and proud history of building award-winning sustainable urban developments and delivering civic projects that add economic and social value to the state.

We bring expertise to masterplanning strategic and complex residential projects on vacant or established sites. We operate across Greater Sydney or regional areas as directed by the NSW Government.

At a glance

At a glance

  • We are the NSW Government’s land and property development organisation.
  • Our role is to develop, enable and demonstrate new homes and neighbourhoods across NSW, through leadership and partnerships.
  • Our vision is to deliver city shaping projects that create more affordable, vibrant, connected and sustainable places to live.
  • Our ambition is to increase the supply and diversity of housing choices, and increase opportunities for people to own their own home.
What we do

What we do

Supporting government policy

We are not a developer in the conventional sense. Our focus is on supporting the NSW Government’s housing affordability priorities and broader urban management objectives.

We use our sites and our close working relationships with the private sector to deliver quality places with housing choices that demonstrate excellence in sustainable urban development and planning practice.

Our developments ultimately aim to create socially inclusive places with opportunities for people of different incomes and at different stages of life to own their own home.

In supporting the government’s goal, we focus our activities in three broad areas. See our Strategic Directions to learn more.

  • Housing: increase the affordability, supply and diversity of housing
  • Partnerships: partner with others to unlock development opportunities and improve delivery
  • Leadership: demonstrate excellence in sustainable development and planning practice

Our governance

As a state owned corporation we operate under the Landcom Corporations Act 2001.

Our Portfolio Minister is The Hon Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Planning and Housing. Our Shareholder Ministers are the NSW Treasurer, the Hon Dominic Perrottet MP, and the Minister for Finance, the Hon Victor Dominello MP.

Our activities are guided by the following objectives under the Act:

  • to exhibit a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which we operate
  • to protect the environment by conducting our operations in compliance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development contained in section 6 (2) of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991
  • to exhibit a sense of responsibility towards regional development and decentralisation in the way in which we operate
  • to undertake, or assist the government in undertaking, strategic or complex urban development projects
  • to assist the government in achieving its urban management objectives
  • to be a responsible developer of residential, commercial and industrial land.
  • to be a successful business and, to this end:
      • operate at least as efficiently as any comparable businesses
      • maximise the net worth of the state’s investment in us.

Landcom Strategic Directions




The beginning

In 1975 the Whitlam federal government initiated the establishment of state land commissions. In 1976 following the NSW state election, the Wran government established the Land Commission of New South Wales (what would later become Landcom). The organisation’s main purpose was to acquire land for present and future urban development and other public uses, with sales to be made at the ‘lowest practicable price’.

1985 to 1994

A focus on consolidation and sustainability

By the mid 1980s Landcom had become an active supporter and driver of urban consolidation, creating a Special Projects Unit in 1985 to concentrate on promoting medium density development with smaller lots and innovative design.

During the period of the early 1990s the organisation also developed a focus on sustainability, and worked to arrest Sydney’s urban sprawl by focusing on urban infill and medium density greenfields development.

1995 to 2001

Towards complex urban renewal projects

From 1995-2001 the organisation began an important shift. Its activities started to move away from greenfields development and into urban redevelopment projects in the inner and middle-ring suburbs of the Sydney metropolitan area.

This shift coincided with the opportunity to assist the government in its urban consolidation policy, and as a result Landcom began developing expertise in urban renewal. During this time the organisation also undertook a management review and appointed an eight-member external Board.

2002 to 2012

Corporatised under the Landcom Corporation Act 2001

In 2002, Landcom became a state owned corporation under the Landcom Corporation Act 2001. Landcom had a new stated aim: to become a leader in urban design, environmental sustainability, and community creation. During the 2000s an important focus of the organisation was setting the highest standards in sustainability principles across its portfolio of projects.

There was also a renewed focus on joint ventures with both the private sector and government. This allowed the organisation to make development less costly, less time consuming, and more efficient, but without compromising any of the standards or probity expected of a public agency.

2013 to 2017

A new mandate trading as UrbanGrowth NSW

  • In 2013, UrbanGrowth NSW became the trading name for Landcom. The new name signified a change in direction and a new government mandate for the organisation. Activities transitioned from housing supply predominantly greenfield development to focus on delivering a portfolio of seven major urban renewal and infill developments. In 2015, the organisation was challenged to supply the dwelling equivalent of 20,000 new homes over the following four years to meet the needs of Sydney’s growing population.


Tasked with an active role in improving housing affordability

  • The NSW Government reassigned UrbanGrowth NSW's portfolio into three separate organisations. Landcom was refocused by the Minister for Planning and Housing, The Hon Anthony Roberts MP, to take an active role in supporting the NSW Government's housing agenda including increasing housing affordability, supply and diversity throughout the state. 

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