Updated Riverstone Scheduled Lands Ballot

Planning Minister Rob Stokes today announced a revised development plan for the Riverstone Scheduled Lands will be put to a landholder vote.

Mr Stokes said UrbanGrowth NSW will work with landowners on the updated plan which, if approved by the necessary majority vote, will include new subdivisions and delivery of infrastructure such as water, electricity and sewerage.

“We want to make sure we do the right thing by the landholders on the Riverstone Scheduled Lands,” Mr Stokes said.

“I received a large number of requests from landowners and their local MP Kevin Conolly to reconsider this proposal, so I have asked UrbanGrowth NSW to work with landowners to revise the Development Plan with a view to holding another ballot.

“I’m keen to see this issue resolved for the landowners who have been waiting for the Development Proposal to proceed and enable urban development on their land.”

A ballot held in September 2014 was unsuccessful because it failed to achieve the required majority. Under the legislation, 60 percent of landowners owning 60 percent of the land must approve the proposal for it to go ahead. Legislation requires landowners are able to vote on the Development Plan.

Member for Riverstone Kevin Conolly said the NSW Government was working hard to deal with the matter.

“I welcome the news that the Minister is taking action to resolve this matter which has kept local landowners in limbo for decades,” Mr Conolly said.

UrbanGrowth NSW will hold an information session in November to explain the changes to the Development Plan and the process for the landowner ballot. The ballot is likely to be held early in 2016.

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