Transforming the Parramatta Road corridor

For the last three months we have been out and about consulting communities and other stakeholders on the Draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy. This strategy sets a long-term vision for the 20-kilometre urban corridor between the Sydney CBD and Parramatta, enabling improved transport and amenity, and growth of 40,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs.

The draft strategy was developed by an integrated team of local councils and state agencies led by UrbanGrowth NSW, working together to ensure co-ordinated planning for:

  • landuse and building
  • transport
  • public amenity and open space
  • infrastructure and services.

The public consultation program has sought to reach the many and diverse communities along the corridor, to improve awareness of the strategy and, most importantly, to gain feedback on the draft. This consultation strategy has involved:

  • ten community information and feedback sessions held in the different local government areas along the corridor
  • weekly information stands at shopping centres and railway stations
  • information stands at community festivals and markets
  • ten focus groups designed to reach young and culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • briefings and meetings with councils and stakeholder groups 
  • a phone survey of around 500 people.

During the 12-week consultation, we have distributed some 105,000 newsletters and sent letters to all 22,000 property owners in the corridor. About 3,000 people have participated face to face and many more have engaged online.

We have received around 6,000 survey responses, and the New Parramatta Road Facebook page has received around 8,000 Likes and generated a great deal of comment and discussion. All of the feedback is now being considered and will inform refinement of the draft strategy. We propose to submit the revised draft to Government in the early part of 2016.

Thank you to everyone that has participated to date.

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