Thousands more home sites unlocked across Sydney

A program aimed at unlocking government-owned land to boost housing supply across Sydney has reached its half way point, months ahead of schedule.

UrbanGrowth NSW today announced it had delivered more than 10,000 of the 20,000 home sites earmarked for release over four years.

“As of August 2016, we have unlocked 10,427 home sites, surpassing the half way mark of the 20,000 Home Sites Program some seven months ahead of schedule,” said UrbanGrowth NSW Chief Executive David Pitchford.

“As an urban transformation agency, our role is to facilitate the release of land that enables the private sector to deliver great outcomes for communities across Sydney.”

In March 2015, the Premier instructed UrbanGrowth NSW to double the number of home sites to 20,000 after the agency met its first target of 10,000.

The 20,000 home sites program covers the greater Sydney metropolitan area from the southern highlands to the lower Hunter.

A home site is counted in the program once it is released to market through UrbanGrowth NSW’s existing land holdings or put out to tender as wholesale lots for the private sector to complete.

“The program is delivering a diverse range of home sites, from dwelling lots, townhouses and terrace sites, to apartments and apartment sites which contributes to Sydney’s diverse housing mix,” Mr Pitchford said.

“The Ponds, as well as Edmondson Park and Thornton are great examples of this housing diversity existing within the one project.

“Edmondson Park Town Centre has contributed 1,411 home sites towards the 10,000 home sites milestone and has a 15% affordable housing component. Our Lachlan’s Line Stage 2 development will include 96 affordable housing apartments.

“We are mindful of the unmet demand in global cities like Sydney for housing that meets the needs of people’s varied lives and budgets and our ambition is to help deliver affordable and diverse housing across all our projects,” he said.

The 20,000 home sites program is due to end in March 2019.

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