Government and industry working together

UrbanGrowth NSW announced today a new program of industry engagement to help boost housing supply in Sydney and greater NSW.

UrbanGrowth NSW will establish three advisory groups to advise on blockages to new housing.

Sean O’Toole, Managing Director UrbanGrowth NSW said, "We are very pleased that the industry has responded enthusiastically and wants to work with us in a spirit of cooperation".

The objective of the groups is to provide a forum for industry to advise the government on issues constraining housing supply and development.

"We will then work with other government agencies, including the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, to respond to those issues in a way that achieves responsible housing supply," said Mr O’Toole.

UrbanGrowth NSW will also continue its ongoing community consultation when project concept plans are developed.

"Communities are key stakeholders in the development and renewal of our neighbourhoods, and they will of course continue to be involved through regular consultation and engagement on our projects," said Mr O’Toole.

The advisory groups include representatives of the major development and infrastructure associations including the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Property Council of Australia, Urban Taskforce Australia and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

The first meetings of the groups will be held on 23 May 2013. The program will continue with quarterly meetings and six-monthly forums to bring government, industry and other stakeholders together.

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