Why is Landcom in the regions you ask?


Landcom CEO Alex Wendler Speaking at the Local Government NSW Regional & Rural Conference in February 2023

“We are taking a needs-based approach to housing,” Landcom CEO Alex Wendler said. 

“As we know, regional NSW has been hit hard by natural disasters and household migration. Undersupply of Affordable Housing is further exacerbating the housing crisis, and impacting local economies. This is why Landcom is stepping in and stepping up to make a bigger difference.  

“Hearing local stories from community leaders about these issues really bring focus and heart to our work,” Alex Wendler said.  

Matthew Beggs, General Manager Business Development at Landcom said, “We’ve set up a specialist team dedicated to delivering Affordable Housing, including in the regions. I’m thrilled that Janelle Goulding has joined us to head up this important work.”

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