Partnering with NSW Land and Housing Corporation


Bonnyrigg Community Centre

Our longstanding partnership with NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has delivered hundreds of refurbished houses, homesites and community facilities across projects in Airds, Claymore and Bonnyrigg. In FY22 our construction team delivered a 22-apartment building for LAHC clients and a community centre at Newbrook at Airds, and is currently building a new community centre at Bonnyrigg.

Our work to rejuvenate communities at Airds and Claymore in partnership with LAHC is supporting diverse and sustainable communities. The social benefits of the integration of affordable housing, social housing, new and rejuvenated services and community infrastructure, placemaking and community development programs is reinforced by our continuing independent research.

This wholistic and purposeful planning and delivery across infrastructure, bricks and mortar, and community is achieving a positive and sustainable legacy.

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