All tiers of government working together across regional NSW


Landcom’s new Statement of Priorities challenges us to expand Landcom’s business to build a portfolio of projects in regional NSW.

Landcom is working across all tiers of government to address many of the issues impacting the supply of affordable housing in regional NSW. Communities across regional NSW who were already experiencing housing pressures, are now faced with further pressures due to an increase in internal migration numbers into the regions resulting from COVID-19 and significant climate events that have reduced available housing stock.

We are working with Local Councils in several regions including Lismore and Byron to identify council assets that can be better utilised through partnerships with Community Housing Providers, to enable more affordable housing for their communities.

We are inviting Local Councils to leverage our development expertise where needed, to generate new housing solutions.

Our partnership with National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) enables Landcom, Community Housing providers, Local Aboriginal Land Councils and Local Councils to access concessional finance, infrastructure finance and development opportunities to deliver more affordable housing in the regions.

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