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Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive. Click on a topic below to find out more.



What does Landcom do?

Landcom is a state-owned corporation, wholly owned by the New South Wales Government. We develop and market home-sites and create new residential communities on vacant land and in established sites.

Is Landcom based in any other states?

No, Landcom only operates in New South Wales.

Are you part of Housing NSW?


What email address can I use for general enquiries? Do you have an interpreter service?

Please refer to our contact us page for all of our contact details.

There was an article in the newspaper about Landcom. Who can I talk to about it?

Contact the Media Relations Manager on (02) 9841 8600.

How do I apply for jobs at Landcom?

Visit our careers page for all current job opportunities.

Where can I obtain copies of Landcom's Annual Report, GIPA publications and other important information?

Visit our Publications page for our annual reports and other Landcom publications.

Visit our Your right to information page for GIPA publications.

Buying from Landcom

Do I have to make an appointment for exchanges or settlements?

Ask your solicitor to contact the Landcom Legal Department on (02) 9841 8600

What are the advantages of purchasing with Landcom?

It’s simple – we design communities with people in mind. So when you purchase with Landcom, you’re buying much more than a vacant block of land, you’re buying into a masterplanned community – somewhere you will be proud to call home. Visit our project overview page to see all our projects.

What do I do to register my interest in a property?

Fill out the Register your interest form and select which project you are interested in registering for.

How long does it take to develop land?

Developing land can be a complicated and long process. The time it takes will depend on which stage of the development process you are talking about as well as many other factors that may be outside our control, such as the weather.

I want to buy a house and land package. Who do I talk to?

Talk to Landcom sales consultants who will be happy to help you. 

When making a payment to Landcom, who do I make the cheque out to?

Cheques must be made out to Landcom.

Can I lease property from Landcom?

Landcom is generally not in the business of leasing property.

What is a masterplan?

All Landcom estates are ‘masterplanned’ developments. Masterplanning is a process that takes place from the beginning of a project to ensure that the original vision for your community is ultimately realised. Masterplans can include provision for parks, play areas, shops, schools, streets and transport.

I live next to a reserve and the grass is too long. Who is responsible for maintaining it?

Councils are usually responsible for maintaining local parks and reserves. If you have any enquiries about parks and reserves in your area, you should contact your local Council in the first instance.

Now that I have bought my land, am I free to build my dream home?

Absolutely, once your land has registered.

What are design guidelines?

Design guidelines safeguard the natural environment in which you live and promote a sociable and attractive community. They are intended to improve the visual appeal, functionality and overall environment of your new community. They can also help protect the long-term value of your home.

Landcom design guidelines often include simple building and landscaping criteria which we encourage you to follow when you build your home in one of our estates. When applied at a neighbourhood level, design guidelines exert a positive influence on the overall design and appearance of the buildings and surrounding areas within your estate. In other words, they promote neighbourhoods that work together with the environment – neighbourhoods that your family can enjoy for many years to come.

How do design guidelines improve my neighbourhood?

We’re committed to creating better communities through the promotion of good urban design and environmentally responsible development.

Our aim is to develop attractive and functional neighbourhoods that you and your family will enjoy well into the future. Our design guidelines are there to help protect the value of your neighbourhood and your home while also being environmentally friendly.

In some instances, Landcom will offer rebates to residents who comply with our guidelines (refer to FAQs for ‘rebates, bonuses, first homebuyers grant & land tax’).

I have bought a corner block from Landcom, can I put up a fence?

You should check with the provisions in the contract of sale.

I want to put up a Colorbond fence on my property, how do I know I can do that?

The contract for sale of land to you will usually specify whether or not you can erect a Colorbond fence.

What are BASIX guidelines?

The NSW Government has introduced compulsory minimum guidelines, including requirements governing water and energy use in new homes, to improve their design and longer term sustainability. BASIX is a building sustainability index which supports the guidelines. These guidelines apply to all new residential developments in NSW.

Your builder will help you manage this process to ensure your home complies.

What is section 14A?

You should ask your solicitor to contact Landcom’s Legal Section on (02) 9841 8600 for further advice.

Rebates, bonuses, first home buyers grant & land tax

What is a landscape rebate?

In some estates, Landcom may provide a ‘landscape rebate’, in the form of a cash payment, to speed up the process of landscaping, driveways, fencing etc. The size of the rebate varies and is advertised at the time land in the estate is released for sale.

Who do I talk to about Landscape rebates?

If you have bought a block of land from Landcom where a rebate system applies, you should speak to the sales consultant who you dealt with for the purchase.

How long does it take to process my rebate?

If a landscape rebate is applicable, you should claim your rebate as soon as you have finished landscaping your property. The processing time will vary from claim to claim.

Where do I go to get my First Home Buyers grant?

You should contact the Office of State Revenue, the state agency responsible for administering the first home-owners grant.

Who administers Land Tax?

Land tax is administered through the Office of State Revenue.

Sponsorship and Filming Permission

Who do I contact about request for sponsorship?

Landcom offers industry sponsorships to selected state-wide industry groups, governing bodies and industry associations with common or similar business objectives. For more information contact Landcom's Strategic Communications Manager on (02) 9841 8600.

Who do I contact for permission to film on Landcom land?

Landcom supports the NSW government's commitment to the film industry. Our aim is to provide the highest possible level of cooperation to film makers. Our Landcom Film Policy guides how we manage enquiries from film makers and sets out our requirements for those wishing to use our properties for filming purposes. Please contact Landcom's Corporate Marketing Advisor to discuss your request.

Government conduct, Right to information

How do I report possible fraudulent or corrupt conduct?

Landcom recognises that fraud and corruption management is an integral part of good governance and management practice. Landcom has a zero-tolerance stance on fraud and corruption and is committed to maintaining an organisational culture which will ensure that effective prevention of fraud and corruption is an integral part of all Landcom activities, consistent with its Code of Conduct and the law.

To report allegations of possible fraudulent or corrupt conduct, contact the Landcom Fraud Officer on (02) 9841 8600 or righttoinformation@landcom.nsw.gov.au

How do I conduct Landcom's Right to Information Officer?

You can contact Landcom's Right to Information Officer on (02) 9841 8600 or righttoinformation@landcom.nsw.gov.au