Pathways to energy sharing for councils

Step-by-step guide for councils

Download the full report to understand further things to consider including how to:
  • work with your distributed network service providers (DNSPs)
  • collect, collate and use data to your advantage
  • share your generation and co-invest
  • prepare for the DNSPs 2025 to 2029 determination around market changes.
The full report also contains a step-by-step guide for property developers addressing:
  • what can be done onsite
  • how to prepare for the future
  • what energy can you draw locally
  • who can help with planning 
A collaboration between

Landcom notes the findings as a contribution to the ongoing exploration of ways to enable community energy sharing in NSW but does not endorse specific conclusions and recommendations. Users are advised to seek professional advice and refer to the relevant regulations, as necessary, before acting in relation to any matters covered by this paper.

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