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Diverse Housing

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What is Diverse Housing?

Diverse Housing is a broad term for housing that responds to local needs and varying household types, which may not be readily provided by the market.

Diverse Housing is private market housing. It is not a ‘subsidised’ housing product. Landcom’s definition is very broad to encourage innovation in the private sector to match housing to local housing needs by:

  • type
  • tenure
  • design
  • finance.

Landcom is committed to ensuring housing is suitable for a broad mix of households in terms of physical type, budgets and tenure.

Some common examples of Diverse Housing include:

  • seniors housing
  • student housing
  • group homes
  • terrace houses
  • manor homes
  • secondary homes (such as Fonzie flats)
  • products specifically for first home owners.
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First home buyers

First Home buyer homes are one example of Housing Diversity.

As part of the NSW Government’s A fair go for first home buyers   policy, Landcom has been asked to deliver 500+ First Home Buyer products by September 2019. This will include any product or home sites that will qualify for all or part of the government First Home Buyer Stamp Duty assistance ($650k-$850k homes or land only $350k-$450k).

As of 28 February 2019, we have enabled 549 First Home buyer homes, so we have achieved our target however we continue to deliver this diverse housing.

Current projects delivering opportunities to first home buyers include:

Our commitment

We’re committed to include Housing Diversity ensuring housing is suitable for a broad mix of households in terms of physical type, budgets and tenure.

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Our Demonstration Program

Landcom’s Demonstration Program, explores a range of ways to address the increasing need for Affordable Housing. Through a series of pilot projects implemented across Metropolitan Sydney and Regional NSW, Landcom is taking a lead role in improving the supply, diversity and affordability of new housing.

The Program is a priority strategic direction for Landcom and will trial innovative and sustainable:

  • housing types
  • tenures
  • construction methods
  • finance models and
  • designs that contribute to housing diversity and affordability.

Delivering Affordable Housing is also about delivering diverse housing typologies including dwelling types that fit into the “missing middle”. The changing needs of our population requires solutions in the type of dwellings being developed. It’s not one size fits all and our housing types should reflect the needs of our diverse communities including singles, retirees, families without children and downsizers.

Program learnings and models developed through the pilots will be captured to inform future pilots and will be considered in the review of policies, planning guidelines and much needed reform relating to Affordable Housing.