Paid Pitch Innovation Process: Biodiversity and Carbon Offsetting

We need your help to understand how Landcom can generate our own high-quality biodiversity offsets and nature-based carbon offsets on sites that we own.

Are you a biodiversity and carbon offset expert with the solutions to delivering high quality biodiversity and nature-based carbon offsets?

At Landcom, our mission is to create more affordable and sustainable communities. To further our commitment to enable carbon neutral and net-positive ecological outcomes across our communities by 2028, Landcom is funding up to five paid pitches of $10,000 each that demonstrate how Landcom can plan for and deliver our own high quality biodiversity and carbon offsets on land that we own and operate.




Landcom is a State-owned Corporation that operates across both metropolitan and regional NSW, delivering new affordable and sustainable communities on behalf of the NSW Government. We have been a Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certified Organisation for the past four years, reducing our carbon footprint where we can, and purchasing high quality nature-based Australian carbon credits to offset our remaining emissions. As we mature our approach to enabling carbon neutral outcomes in our communities and as we transition to net zero, we are exploring opportunities to deliver our own carbon offsets so that we can ensure our offsetting activities are high quality, verifiable carbon sequestration outcomes in-place, and realise broader benefits for our communities.

Similarly, as we mature our approach to enabling net-positive ecological outcomes in our communities, we are exploring ways to consolidate our approach to biodiversity offsetting across our portfolio, including generating our own biodiversity offsets on land that we purchase – either for offsetting direct biodiversity impacts from development or for offsetting biodiversity impacts across multiple projects in our portfolio.

On the 29 January 2024 we will launch our paid pitch process to gather market insights and technical expertise into how Landcom can plan for and deliver our own high quality biodiversity and carbon offsets.

Successful pitches will demonstrate how Landcom can generate our own high-quality, best practice carbon and biodiversity offsets on land that we own in NSW. All pitches must identify at the minimum:

  • The process(es) required under relevant legislation, including high-level representative costings, benefits of potential solutions and timing for each major step in the process of generating offsets;
  • How we will measure and verify the offset credits;
  • How the solution is scalable and replicable, with potential to utilise or transfer credits between projects in our portfolio.


Stage 1

29 January - 16 February

Shortlisting applicants for paid pitches

Stage 2

26 February - 8 March

Paid pitch process for up to five successful applicants

Stage 3

11 March-early April

Present pitch to Landcom Executive Committee & other project staff

Stage 4


Selection & payment

Landcom is running a four-stage paid pitch process, as shown in the figure above. To be selected as one of five applicants for a paid pitch, you will be invited to submit a Capability Statement that addresses a range of Selection Criteria. We will release more information on the process, selection criteria and frequently asked questions on 29 January 2024.

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