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Supporting government initiatives, growing new communities

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Increasing housing affordability, supply and diversity to people in NSW is a priority for the NSW Government. Housing affordability in Sydney is a particularly important issue. Landcom is committed to addressing the housing affordability issue and supporting the NSW Government by delivering the local infrastructure to help develop new, and thriving communities.

We are experienced in unlocking surplus or underutilised government-owned sites, or large institutional land holdings, to create vibrant urban places with housing choices, community facilities, open spaces and access to sought-after services.

With a long and proud history of building award-winning sustainable urban developments and delivering civic projects, which add economic and social value to the state, we’re expert master planners. Whether on vacant land, or established sites, we’re regularly relied upon by the NSW Government to manage strategic and complex residential projects.

Who is Landcom?

Landcom makes a positive difference in people's lives across NSW by increasing the supply, affordability and diversity of housing and creating sustainable communities.

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Grow your career at Landcom

We're passionate about our employees' career growth at Landcom. We offer various development opportunities for everyone.

In FY22, our employees received 25 hours of learning each!

We support personal aspirations and find innovative ways to enhance our team's skills and knowledge, including university degrees, on-the-job learning, or specific skill development.

These opportunities help Landcom become an innovative leader in the development industry.

Our Capability Framework of core Leadership and Technical Skills enables us to structure meaningful development for our teams and individuals, keeping pace with industry changes and supporting our mission.

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“Working at Landcom gives me a purpose.”

Sama Akram
Development Manager at Landcom Learn more

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