the journey bannner

The journey

Research, collaboration and consideration of global benchmarking underpins our strategy.


The journey in numbers


stakeholders engaged


material issues identified


comparable strategies and projects studied


tools and indices reviewed


sustainability targets created


leadership goals

Five key steps

The Sustainability Strategy and Plan is the result of a three-year journey of research, consultation and consideration. This page briefly outlines the journey. 

  • 1


    Our existing strategy is due for a renewal. 

  • 2


    We undertake a rigorous process of research, benchmarking and testing new targets and indicators to best align with our evolving portfolio of projects.

  • 3


    We test our thinking with industry experts and seek feedback. We evaluate the varied opportunities, constraints, strengths and weaknesses that each project will need to address under the new sustainability strategy.

  • 4

    March - May 2017

    We share the draft strategy with industry and the public, and collect feedback on the proposed leadership goals and targets.

  • 5

    October 2017

    New Sustainable Places Strategy launched.

Our Sustainable Places Strategy

Our strategy incorporates four leadership goals and over thirty associated targets to guide the way we deliver new communities.

But is it world class?

NSW is a leading state with a world class city as its flagship urban area. As the NSW Government's land and property development organisation, we are required to embed a world class approach to sustainability.

To meet this standard, we benchmarked our chosen issues and targets within Australia and overseas. This methodology considered the sustainability targets, strategies and requirements of: