Sydney Metro North West Urban Transformation

Registration of interest to attend industry briefing


The NSW Government is currently delivering the $8.3 billion Sydney Metro Northwest project, which is Stage 1 of Sydney Metro – Australia’s biggest public transport project.

As the project progresses towards completion in 2019, opportunities will exist for the revitalisation of land along the corridor of this city-shaping project.

Landcom, trading as UrbanGrowth NSW, and the Sydney Metro will host an industry briefing on 15 September 2017 to provide industry representatives with an insight into the scope, scale and timing of the program involving Transport for NSW land along the Sydney Metro Northwest rail corridor alignment over the next two years. 

We are interested in hearing from organisations that can contribute to the creation of dynamic urban centres that deliver a distinctive mix of residential, commercial and retail uses for existing and future communities.

We are aiming to deliver:

  • vibrant and well-designed places
  • creative and diverse housing solutions, retail and employment opportunities that integrate with the metro system
  • development that will stimulate the local economy and attract long term investment in the region
  • early activation in the area immediately around the stations to ensure they will be attractive and accessible when opened in 2019.

This is an invitation only event with limited numbers available for attendance. Landcom, trading as UrbanGrowth NSW, and Sydney Metro will undertake a selection process, assessing information provided in your registration of interest against the criteria set below. A formal invitation to attend will be forwarded to those organisations who satisfy the criteria.

Criteria for  attendance:

Organisations with demonstrated experience in delivering projects with capital investment valued at more than $50 million with demonstrated capability to meet the project objectives, who have the capacity to participate in Expressions of Interest on Developable Government Lands processes in the next two years.

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