Facilities for active recreation are important to people living, working, studying in and visiting a place. As such, UrbanGrowth NSW is undertaking an Active Recreational Needs Study for The Bays Precinct to understand the active recreational needs of people who will use the Bays Precinct, and to reflect those needs in planning of The Bays Precinct.

By active recreation we mean activities which use:

  • Sporting fields
  • Outdoor sports courts
  • Indoor sports courts or facilities
  • Aquatic facilities
  • Water-based recreational facilities
  • Informal outdoor recreational facilities
  • Youth spaces/skate facilities.

UrbanGrowth NSW is working closely with the Inner West and City of Sydney Councils to deliver the Study.  Both Councils already hold extensive information on public use of local facilities as well as local recreation trends.

UrbanGrowth NSW will build on this work by engaging with local sporting groups, schools and the broader community, which are all valuable sources of knowledge about recreational activities and facilities in the area.

Engagement activities will occur in several phases, as illustrated below.


The following community survey is part of the Information Gathering Phase. The purpose of this survey is to obtain information from the community on:

  • use of active recreational facilities and spaces
  • participation in organised sport and other active recreational activities
  • active recreational facilities that the community would like to see in The Bays Precinct.

This information will help UrbanGrowth NSW to determine the number and types of active recreational facilities that can be provided in or close to The Bays Precinct.

All information obtained by UrbanGrowth NSW during the preparation of the Active Recreational Needs Study will be shared with the City of Sydney and Inner West Councils to assist them with the planning of recreational facilities within their local government area.

The following questions apply to you and any other people in your household.

Use of active recreational/sporting facilities

1. Please tell us which of the following active recreational/sports facilities you or other people in your household have used in the City/Inner West.

Sporting fields
Outdoor sports courts
Indoor sport /recreational facilities
Aquatic facilities
Water based recreation
Youth space/skate facility

Provision for active recreational/sporting facilities

2. In your opinion, is there a lack or shortage of any active recreational/sporting facility(s) in the City/Inner West?

Please tell us which active recreation/sporting facility(s) there is a lack or shortage of in the City/Inner West, and why you think so?

3. Are there any active recreational/sporting facilities that you or any other people in your household would like to use if it/they were provided in The Bays Precinct in the future?


Please tell us which active recreational/sporting facilities you or other people in your household would like to use in The Bays Precinct in the future:

4. How long (in minutes) are you willing to travel to use the following active recreational/sport facility(s)?

Membership of active recreation/sporting organisations

5. Are you or any other person in your household a member of any active recreation/sporting club or organisation in the City/Inner West?
6. Are there any active recreation/sporting clubs or organisations in the City/Inner West that you or other people in your household would like to become a member of?
7. What suburb do you live in?
9. How many people in your household are in the following age groups?
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