About the Green Square Town Centre project

Green Square is set to revitalise the industrial edge of Sydney’s inner south into a vibrant global village. In fact, it’s one of the most significant mixed-use urban transformation programs under construction in Australia. At the very heart of this area is the Green Square Town Centre, an important residential, retail, commercial, and cultural hub of the community.

Landcom is a major landowner within this town centre and the lead agency collaborating with key stakeholders. We have entered a project agreement with the private sector (Mirvac Green Square) to develop the site.

Project benefits

Project benefits

Green Square Town Centre will benefit the community by providing:

  • urban transformation
  • housing options
  • retail opportunities
  • employment opportunities
  • transport accessibility
  • affordable housing contributions
  • sustainable town centre public domain
  • community infrastructure.


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1,668 proposed dwellings*

1,668 of total 4,000 Town Centre proposed residential dwellings. *subject to change

6,000 new jobs*

*subject to change

14,000m2 proposed retail space*

*subject to change

44,000m2 proposed office space*

*subject to change

$1.34bn end value*

*subject to change

$119m contributions to public infrastructure

Landcom is providing 1.8 hectares of land & $78m towards public infrastructure, $36.6m towards affordable housing, and $5m for a public park

Urban Renewal History of Green Square

Green Square Town Centre is a long term vision of the NSW Government, shared by City of Sydney, for the urban transformation of a former under-utilised industrial lands located 4 kilometres from both Sydney CBD and Sydney Airport.  Green Square expandable

An early step towards transformation was the opening of Green Square Train Station for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Since then Landcom purchased land and realised masterplanning and infrastructure agreements with the City of Sydney towards the delivery of a new Town Centre.

Since 2013, Landcom has achieved approval of the Local Environmental Planning instrument for the Town Centre and a Voluntary Planning Agreement with City of Sydney to facilitate contributions of land and funding to future public infrastructure including $36.6M into the Affordable Housing Fund, $78M in development contributions, $5M for a public park at Green Square Town Centre and 1.8 hectares of land for the City of Sydney Plaza and library and roads.

After some 20 years of planning and as a major land owner in the Town Centre, Landcom commenced works on site in 2014 partnering with Mirvac Green Square and City of Sydney to ensure Green Square Town Centre is a model urban transformation development, embracing people based place-making and transit-oriented development principles. With Landcom, Mirvac Green Square is project delivery manager responsible for design, construction and sales of both residential and commercial buildings.  

Now and the future

In the past 3 years, Landcom with Mirvac Green Square have delivered Ebsworth Street – the first high street in Sydney for over 100 years, Ebsworth – the first residential building with 174 apartments located on Ebsworth high Street and facilitated Woolworths supermarket opening ready to service the first residents living at Green Square Town Centre in May 2017.

Construction of Ovo, the tallest residential building at Green Square Town Centre continues, as does development planning and applications for the following stages of construction.

At the same time other developers including Bridgehill, Lateral and Crown Projects have projects under construction as well as City of Sydney with construction works progressing on the Plaza and library,  parks and roads and community facilities.

In terms of environmentally sustainability, Landcom and Mirvac have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Sydney to support the joint aspirations for Green Square as a pilot project targeting a 5 star rating using the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star – Communities tool.  All Landcom and Mirvac buildings are designed and constructed to optimise BASIX and PRECINX environmental sustainability ratings.

With Landcom and Mirvac’s commitment to the creation of a vibrant ‘people first’ place, a Place Manager and Green Travel Plan Coordinator has been employed to support community integration through creative placemaking and activities. ‘The Social Corner’ is a unique initiative established by Landcom and Mirvac and opened in May 2017. This is a temporary community meeting place for new and existing residents.  Located on Ebsworth Street, The Social Corner is a base for the Place Manager, and somewhere for residents to meet their neighbours, relax with a coffee, enjoy free WIFI, collaborate and be inspired.  The Social Corner is a non-exclusive community space inspired in part by Sociologist, Ray Oldenburg’s identification of the ‘Third Place’ and its importance in establishing authentic community connection and feelings of a sense of place.

So the new future is forming, with Green Square Town Centre transforming into Sydney’s global village.

Current status

Current status

We've reached several construction milestones at the town centre including:

  • building the first high street in Sydney in 100 years, Ebsworth Street, which was  delivered by Mirvac and Landcom and opened by the City of Sydney in June 2016
  • remediation and dedication of land in 2013 month year for the development of the plaza and library by the City of Sydney
  • building ‘Ebsworth’, the first private residential building in the town centre, which was completed in March 2017
  • building ‘Ovo’, the tallest tower at Green Square town centre, which was completed in May 2018
  • opening a Woolworths supermarket in May 2017 to service the first town centre residents
  • opening The Social Corner, a temporary community meeting place with café
  • lodging applications for the development of Site 7, 17 and 18 at 960A Bourke Street for three mixed use apartment buildings with retail/commercial uses at ground level.  Information about these development applications can be found here. View the development application for Sites 7 & 17; View development application for Site 18.
  • lodging an application for the development of Site 15 at 77-93 Portman Street for four mixed use apartment buildings with retail/commercial uses at ground level.  This development application is currently on public exhibition for comment. View the development application
  • obtaining a Stage 1 development approval for Sites 8C, 8D, 19A and 19B for up to 514 residential apartments, 2,183m2 retail and 1,793m2 of commercial uses
  • demolition of redundant factory units and car wash facility for future road reserve

Latest news

Sales enquiries

To ensure you are informed about the next stage of development and the next release of apartments at Green Square, visit the Mirvac website to register your interest.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Green Square Town Centre, please contact us on:

Phone: 1800 261 610
Email: greensquare@elton.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/landcomplaces



  • Ebsworth, the first private residential apartment building officially opened by the Minister for Planning on 16 May 2017
  • Construction of Ovo, the tallest residential building in the town centre, continues
  • Woolworths supermarket opened 30 May 2017
  • The Social Corner, a community meeting place provided by UrbanGrowth NSW and Mirvac, opened 16 May 2017
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed with City of Sydney for rating of Green Square Town Centre as Green Star – Communities pilot project
  • Place Manager employed by UrbanGrowth NSW and Mirvac commences to support community integration through creative placemaking and activation 


  • Land transfer of Ebsworth Street to the City of Sydney
  • Construction of Ebsworth and Ovo buildings continue

2014 to 2015

  • Stage 1 essential infrastructure commenced
  • Land transfers to City of Sydney for public infrastructure (plaza and library)
  • Ebsworth  Street completed
  • First residential development,Ebsworth, and tallest residential building, Ovo, released for apartment sales and construction commenced.


  • Program announced after first being conceived in 1996
  • Site investigations
  • Land acquisition and consolidation
  • Planning instrument and Voluntary Planning Agreement approved

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