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Edmondson Park

Edmondson Park FAQs

Have a question about the Edmondson Park project? Consult our FAQ below or contact us at edmondsonpark@landcom.nsw.gov.au with your question.

FAQs about Town Centre North

How many dwellings can be built in the Town Centre North? Does the proposal allow an eight-fold increase in dwellings in the Town Centre North?

No. Under existing planning controls, up to 3,551 homes can be built within the Town Centre North area. Our modification proposes to amend planning controls to change the form of permissible development but not to increase the number of homes built. Our proposal is to build around 3,286 homes, which is in keeping with current controls for overall development yield.

Will building heights increase?

In some parts of the Town Centre our proposal is to increase maximum building heights, but in other parts of the Town Centre we propose that maximum building heights should decrease.

Current planning controls allow apartment blocks up to 12 storeys to be built in the Town Centre North area. Our amendments seek to mix up building heights across the area with buildings taller than 12 storeys closer to the train station and lower than 12 storeys on the edges of the Town Centre.  We think this will provide an appropriate transition of building heights from the mixed use area closest to the station to surrounding low-rise residential areas. 

Is Landcom reducing the size of the future school site?

The NSW Government committed to building a new primary and high school in Edmondson Park in the most recent State budget.

The approved Concept Plan includes 8ha for future schools.

The Department of Education and Training has confirmed that 2ha of this land is not required. Our proposal seeks to amend the Concept Plan to allow homes to be built on this land.

This means that 6ha is available for future school uses. Landcom will continue to liaise with the Department of Education and Training to support planning for new schools. 

Why is Landcom proposing these changes?

The original Concept Plan was prepared when the area was still largely rural. As market preferences have changed, Edmondson Park has become an attractive area that can provide more homes for Sydney’s growing population.

Over the next 20 plus years, Edmondson Park Train Station will provide easy access to jobs in the future Liverpool and Campbelltown Health and Education Precincts. The future South West Rail Link will also connect Edmondson Park to the new Western Sydney Airport and growing centres in Penrith and Campbelltown.    

It is important to optimise development opportunities to take advantage of the government’s investment in transport infrastructure in Edmondson Park.

The proposed changes would provide a range of housing types at different price-points to allow a greater number of people, with different incomes, to purchase a home in Edmondson Park. 

The proposal would also deliver a better urban outcome that responds more sensitively to adjoining low rise areas by locating taller buildings close to the station and smaller buildings further away from the station.

Will Landcom improve infrastructure in the area?

Yes. The proposed modification to the Concept Plan includes around 5ha of open space and new community facilities. Cycleways, bicycle parking and footpaths will be provided to reduce reliance on private vehicles. Car parking will be provided for residents, visitors and employees of the Edmondson Park Town Centre North.

We are also bringing forward the construction of an extension of Buchan Avenue which will provide direct access between the train station and homes to the north of the station. The new road will include a pedestrian footpath and cycle lane so residents can chose not to drive to the station.

Work is underway on a $76 million upgrade of Campbelltown Road between East Town Centre Road and the new MacDonald Road, Bardia to widen the road from two to four lanes with a central median strip, three new traffic lights, an off-road shared pedestrian and cyclist path, designated turning lanes and bicycle and pedestrian crossings at traffic lights.  We have contributed $22 million to the upgrade.

We will also deliver 150ha of regional open space within Edmondson Park (50ha has been transferred to National Parks and Wildlife Services and is open to the public), in addition to local parks including playground facilities and picnic facilities.  This includes the recently completed Clermont Park, a 1ha local park with a children’s playground, landscaping and BBQ facilities. 

We are working with Liverpool City Council, state government agencies and utility providers to plan infrastructure upgrades to cater for Edmondson’s Park growing population.