UrbanGrowth NSW: City Transformation Life Cycle

Starting from an entirely different place to that which is usually adopted, our City Transformation Life Cycle™ directs, determines and shapes our planning, funding, building and city living outcomes. This methodology acts as a set of guidelines that scale to the required depth and breadth of the transformation projects in our portfolio. 

Lifecycle 90ae


Thinking Cities: reflects on the strategic significance of the site, its context economically and culturally, and its potential land uses and beneficiaries. It brings together ideas, ambitions, aspirations and needs to define what we want a place to be.

Funding Cities: considers innovative economic and financial models to finance the aspirations established in Thinking Cities.

Building Cities: is the usual starting point for major projects. Importantly, this is not just about building design, shape and colours; rather, it’s about the highest and best integrated land use and transport planning to benefit the people who live, visit and work in these places.

Living Cities: focuses on the creation of great places and opportunities, and is fundamental to producing cities that are resilient, happy and prosperous.

In practice, the City Transformation Life Cycle™ reflects the perpetual life of a city: every city in the world will continue to change as our society, economy and environment changes. Knowing this, our approach allows us to take advantage of these changes, turn challenges into opportunities to grow more resilient and prosperous lifestyles. It creates a strong basis to work from, one that involves communities and industry from the outset and one that works to make the best use of public resources. As a strategic and continual model, it allows us to work across different levels of government and bridges the divide between public policy and market reality.