Reporting Fraud

Landcom has zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and takes all reports of suspected fraud and corruption seriously.

Landcom expects its staff, consultants and contractors to behave lawfully, ethically and with integrity at all times. Staff, contractors and consultants are not permitted to accept bribes or inducements (no matter how trivial these may be), or to act dishonestly as public officials. It is also Landcom policy to report to the police anyone who might offer inducements or bribes to act dishonestly.

Landcom strongly supports disclosures being made by people regarding unethical, dishonest and/or corrupt conduct

How to report fraud or corrupt conduct

 If you observe or suspect unethical, dishonest or corrupt conduct by Landcom staff, contractors or consultants, you can report those suspicions to Landcom’s Fraud & Corruption Prevention Coordinator at:

Phone: (02) 9841 8600.

When making a report, it will help us to investigate the matter if you include information on who was involved, what happened, where it happened and when. The more specific you can be the more likely we will be able to take forward an investigation.

While you don't need to tell us who you are, knowing your identity can help us protect you from possible reprisal action and help us investigate the matter. If you don't want to provide your identity, at least tell us something about you that may help us protect you, e.g., if you are a public sector employee or a contractor for a government agency (these people may be eligible for extra legal protections). Also include anything else we need to know in order to contact (if we need more information) or protect you.