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Revitalising Newcastle project – Supplier update

The management of urban renewal activities within the Newcastle project, known as Revitalising Newcastle, has now transferred to the Hunter Development Corporation. Please ensure that your Accounts Receivable unit is made aware of these changes and that any invoices for goods/services provided to Revitalising Newcastle is issued in the name and ABN of the new department, Hunter Development Corporation (ABN 94 688 782 063).

Key contacts for Hunter Development Corporation:

Supplying to Landcom

We are strongly committed to reviewing and improving how we work with our suppliers. As such, our procurement framework reflects the changing needs of our business and supports new innovative ways of working more effectively with suppliers, whether currently engaged with us or seeking future business opportunities.

Vendor Panel is our e-tendering platform through which we obtain tenders from suppliers and release Tenders.

For information regarding how to become a Landcom approved supplier and/or future business opportunities, please contact Landcom on 02 9841 8600. 

Please read the following important information about supplying to Landcom.

Landcom Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We have always set high standards for the way we conduct business. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers. This is why we have established the Landcom Supplier Engagement Principles (SEP). These principles speak to the commitments we make to the community. They establish the standards required for conducting business with Landcom.

We will consider these principles in our selection of suppliers and will actively work with our supplier partners to ensure compliance with these principles across the Supply Chain. A prerequisite for any current or potential supplier wishing to do business with us is to have read and understood our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Fulfilling our commitment to work with industry to improve supply chain practices and educate staff on sustainability issues along our value chain, Landcom has partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.All new major works contracts will require Landcom contractors to be members of the School, and there will be an expectation they will undertake e-learning modules to advance knowledge and skills in environmental, social and economic sustainability issues that are important Landcom values.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School was launched in 2015 to increase sustainability knowledge and competency along the construction and infrastructure supply chains. With an emphasis on supporting small-to-medium enterprises, the School provides free e-learning, information and face-to-face training for construction and infrastructure suppliers, contractors and service providers. For more information:

Supply Nation

As part of Landcom's commitment to procurement best practice we are pleased to confirm we have received accreditation with Supply Nation. Supply Nation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to facilitating relationships and commercial opportunities with indigenous businesses. To be listed as a supplier, member businesses must be at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by Indigenous people.  Full details can be found at

Landcom Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy

Landcom believes that work health and safety (WHS) is of fundamental importance. Our WHS Policy sets out our requirements to ensure that all operations of the organisation are conducted in a manner which safeguards the health and wellbeing of all workers.

Landcom Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

We utilise a number of contract types to procure goods, works and services. Read the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions to understand the minimum terms under which we procure.

NSW ProcurePoint

We adhere to the New South Wales Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) procurement principles and encourage suppliers to register under the appropriate DFSI prequalification scheme. Suppliers registered under the various schemes are considered ‘approved’ by Landcom and are able to register for business opportunities via our e-quoting software, VendorPanel. Further information on DFSI prequalification schemes can be found at

Environmental Management

Landcom is accredited to ISO14001: 2004 and abides by the Environmental Management System standard. This involves managing our resources as well as contractor resource management. All contractors are asked to report their waste generation and reuse at contract practical completion. Download form