Housing affordability and diversity industry event

On 28 November 2019, Landcom hosted an industry event to announce upcoming partnership opportunities for housing affordability and diversity projects.

NSW needs innovation in the delivery of housing diversity and Landcom is embracing these challenges. Landcom is very excited about the opportunities their Affordable Housing modelling and structures offer, as outlined at the event.

Just over 70 people attended the event representing over 15 Community Housing Providers, Local Councils, peak organisations such as Community Housing Industry Association of NSW, Local Government NSW and UDIA, along with representatives from National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC), planning and design companies and Landcom staff.

Social commentator, author and regular guest on ABC TV’s Gruen Series Dan Gregory, set the scene for the event by inviting us to consider new ways of collaborating to address the many challenges in achieving greater housing affordability and diversity.

At the event Landcom presented a suite of innovative approaches including financial modelling and tenure structures presented by Gavin Zimmerle.

Landcom Development Director Nicole Woodrow set out Landcom’s value proposition and our strong commitment to partnerships. Nicole presented models based on co-design principles that we are keen to explore with Community Housing Providers, local councils and other landowners. 

The event concluded with an active Q&A session with a panel including CEO John Brogden, Nicole and Gavin, along with Leonie King who wears a number of hats including Vice Chair of Community Housing Industry Association of NSW,  member of Landcom’s Demonstration Program Reference Panel, and also Chief Executive Officer of City West Housing.

This session highlighted the sector’s strong desire to find new ways and explore greater innovation in addressing housing affordability and diversity.

Landcom also announced a pipeline of projects Landcom has ready to roll out over the next couple of years, providing partnership opportunities in delivering a range of affordable and diverse products. The first of these will be the Lachlan’s Line Macquarie Park Expression of Interest for Community Housing Providers, and this is expected to be announced early in the first quarter of 2020.

Thank you to all those who attended and contributed so positively to the event.

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