Thanks for getting involved in our Healthy & Inclusive Places Survey.

Receive a $20 gift cards for the first 30 residents at each participating project, and the chance to win a $2,000 grand prize!

There are plenty of gift cards still up for grabs!

The survey period has been extended and will close on Sunday 6 May.

Results will be shared once the survey has closed. Please see our terms and conditions of entry of entry for further details.

2. Please describe your local area in three words

Our goal is to create healthy, equitable and inclusive outcomes for all members of our communities.  This involves creating a healthy built environment with high quality public spaces that encourage the community to be physically active, eating healthily and socialising with neighbours.

3. In considering your local area, please tell us your level of agreement with the following facilities.
4. In an average week do you undertake any of the following activities? (Please select all that apply)

The following questions are about your personal wellbeing. These questions are sourced from the Personal Wellbeing Index used globally to assess how people perceive their quality of life, from a personal perspective.  These questions are used to create a cross cultural measure of wellbeing around the world.

5. Thinking about your own life circumstances, how satisfied are you with the following?
6. Thinking about your personal health overall, how would you rate the following:
8. In the event of a local emergency (i.e. bushfire or flood), do you and your family have:
9. How comfortable do you feel in the following situations?

Inclusion also relates to the affordability of a place.  One of Landcom’s commitments is to increase access to affordable housing through promoting diversity of home types, prices, and tenures.  We are also interested in making sure homes are affordable to live in day to day.  The following questions relate to the affordability of housing and services in your local area.

11. Thinking about your local area, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Our objective is to nurture wellbeing and a feeling of connection for all that live, work and play in our communities.  We would like to understand your connection to the local community, and others around you. This information helps us to plan community facilities, programs and events that meet a new community’s interests and needs.

13. Given the relationship you have identified in the previous question, how comfortable would you be in the following situations
14. Do you agree with the following statements about your local community?
15. In the last 12 months have you:
16. Do you use any of the following transport? If so, please indicate average time spent per week. (Complete only those that apply)
17. Are there any pets currently in your household? Please choose all relevant:
18. Do you have any aspirations to own a pet in the future? Please choose all relevant.

Dissatisfied indicates that you are thinking of moving somewhere else and satisfied indicates that you could not imagine living anywhere else.

31. How many people in your household are in the following age groups? (Complete only those that apply)
32. Do you or your family affiliate with a particular culture? Please choose all suitable.