Frequently asked questions

About UrbanGrowth NSW

What does UrbanGrowth NSW do?

UrbanGrowth NSW is the NSW Government’s urban transformation agency. We are tasked with delivering a portfolio of projects that support the NSW Government's 20 year growth strategy – A Plan for Growing Sydney. Read more about our role and work in our About us section.

How do I get in contact with UrbanGrowth NSW?

Please refer to our Contact us page

Media, social media & publications

Who do I contact regarding media enquiries at UrbanGrowth NSW?

For all media enquiries please contact Media and External Communications Manager Adrian Kerr on (02) 9841 8600 or

Where can I find UrbanGrowth NSW on social media?

You can find UrbanGrowth NSW on:
Facebook: UrbanGrowth NSW /
Twitter: @urbangrowthnsw /

Where can I find the UrbanGrowth NSW Social Media Policy?

The UrbanGrowth NSW Social Media Policy governs our engagement across our social channels.

Where can I obtain copies of UrbanGrowth NSW's Annual Report and other publications?

Information on UrbanGrowth NSW’s Annual report and other publications can be found on the publications page.

Careers, schools and universities

How do I apply for jobs at UrbanGrowth NSW?

Job opportunities at UrbanGrowth NSW can found on our careers page.

Does UrbanGrowth NSW offer internship opportunities?

UrbanGrowth NSW does not currently offer an internship program.

Who do I contact for information on school or university projects or related enquiries?

For all enquiries regarding schools or TAFE, please contact Schools and TAFE Program Manager Belinda Thompson on 9391 2976 or For all enquiries regarding universities, please contact Government & University Relations Officer Jake Nichol on (02) 9841 8708 or

Industry development opportunities

How do I find out about development opportunities with UrbanGrowth NSW?

For all current opportunities visit our development opportunities page.

Sponsorship and filming permission

Who do I contact about requests for sponsorship?

UrbanGrowth NSW offers industry sponsorships to selected state-wide industry groups, governing bodies and industry associations with common or similar business objectives. For more information contact UrbanGrowth NSW's Corporate Marketing Manager Jodi Gill on (02) 9841 8717 or

Who do I contact for permission to film on UrbanGrowth NSW land?

UrbanGrowth NSW supports the NSW government's commitment to the film industry. Our aim is to provide the highest possible level of cooperation to film makers. Our UrbanGrowth NSW Film Policy guides how we manage enquiries from film makers and sets out our requirements for those wishing to use our properties for filming purposes. Please contact UrbanGrowth NSW's Media and External Communications Manager Adrian Kerr on (02) 9841 2909 or to discuss your request.

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Government conduct, right to information

How do I report possible fraudulent or corrupt conduct?

UrbanGrowth NSW recognises that fraud and corruption management is an integral part of good governance and management practice. UrbanGrowth NSW has a zero-tolerance stance on fraud and corruption and is committed to maintaining an organisational culture which will ensure that effective prevention of fraud and corruption is an integral part of all UrbanGrowth NSW activities, consistent with its Code of Conduct and the law. To report allegations of possible fraudulent or corrupt conduct, contact UrbanGrowth NSW's Acting Fraud Officer Lisa Marigliano on (02) 9841 8692 or

How do I contact UrbanGrowth NSW's Right to Information officer?

You can contact UrbanGrowth NSW's Right to Information Officer on (02) 9841 8626 or

Sales enquiries, Landcom FAQ

Who do I contact about Landcom sales enquiries?

Please contact Landcom for details on Landcom sales or for project enquiries.

Where can I find information on Landcom rebates?

Information about Landcom projects and opportunities can be found in the Landcom FAQ.