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School programs

Collaborating with Schools and other educational institutions

Landcom collaborates with schools and other educational institutions to deliver learning and youth engagement programs. Our approach supports the NSW primary and secondary curriculum areas of urban development and regional planning studies, sustainability and civics and citizenship.

We work with education partners, including the NSW Department of Education, to enable authentic hands on learning experiences on Landcom projects. These encourage student participation in civic debate about their city’s future and enhances their understanding of urban development.

We also work with professional teaching associations including the Geography Teachers’ Association and the History Teachers’ Association, to ensure that our programs and resources are relevant to the NSW curriculum and that they enrich the experience of students. We regularly partner with other NSW government organisations to deliver collaborative learning initiatives.












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Field programs

Landcom partners with the Department of Education’s Observatory Hill Environmental Education Centre (OHEEC) to deliver curriculum based experiential fieldwork programs which offer students an authentic learning experience beyond the classroom on Landcom projects.

Green Square

Landcom and Observatory Hill Environmental Education Centre (OHEEC) deliver an experiential field trip to Green Square as part of the EEC’s Stage 6 geography program, Urban Dynamics. This program considers the dynamics of urban renewal and consolidation, including aspects of liveability and sustainability of the Green Square project.

The Bays Growth Centre (UrbanGrowth NSW)

Landcom, on behalf of UrbanGrowth NSW, and Observatory Hill Environmental Education Centre (OHEEC) deliver an experiential field trip that includes parts of The Bays Growth Centre.

OHEEC’s Stage 3 geography program links to the curriculum area of Place and Livability and includes consideration of  White Bay Power Station where the students investigate what makes a place liveable and develop their own masterplan for the area.

Educational resources

Landcom develops project related teaching and learning resources that link to the NSW curriculum for Primary and Secondary and align with cross-curricular outcomes across geography, history and sustainability. These materials range from curriculum resource books to online resources and video material.

Edmondson Park

The Edmondson Park Education Program provides teaching and learning resources to assist primary and secondary students to understand its changing identity as a result of planned development.

Edmondson Park offers students the opportunity to investigate a locally significant development project inside and outside the classroom and investigate the geography, history and heritage value of Edmondson Park. It raises questions about why places grow and how the demographic, economic and social features of a locality evolve.

Download Primary Teacher Resource

Download Secondary Teacher Resource

The Bays Growth Centre (UrbanGrowth NSW)

The Big Plan for The Bays 

The big plan for The Bays Precinct is a primary school resource developed to help teachers explain curriculum linked concepts about urban renewal in a local context.

This colourful picture book is a simple and engaging version of the urban transformation plan for The Bays Precinct, Sydney suitable for primary and early secondary students.

Download The Big Plan for the Bays Precinct Sydney

Download the Teacher's guide

Online resources

The Bays online resources were developed for UrbanGrowth NSW in collaboration with curriculum specialist, Cool Australia. These comprehensive resources are linked to Stage 3 and Stage 4 geography topics of urban development and town planning. They support authentic, project-based learning in the classroom, which is brought to life by photographic and video material.

Each resource features six one-hour lessons with a separate teacher and student worksheets. The units of work provide students with a real-world case study of human influences on location and characteristics of a place and the management of spaces within them. Students are inspired to create change in their local community using The Bays Growth Centre as an innovative example of urban renewal.

Download The Bays - Year 5 to 6

Download The Bays - Year 7 to 8

Revitalising Newcastle

The Story of Newcastle video was developed to support Hunter Central Coast Development Corporation’s Revitalising Newcastle program. This is a NSW Government program focused on activating the city to attract people, jobs and tourism to Newcastle.

The video resource can be used by teachers to provide context for the changing urban landscape as the Newcastle city centre is transformed to strengthen connections between the city and waterfront, create job opportunities, provide new housing and deliver attractive public spaces connected to better transport.

Learning events

Landcom runs events for school age students as a key part of its schools program, the aim of which is to create unique experimental learning opportunities for students. These events range from project specific student and youth engagement events to full day off site events that provide opportunities for students to consider challenges facing the future of Sydney and planning for Sydney’s growth, and using critical thinking and collaboration to address those challenges.


The Hack4Cities event is a key part of Landcom’s schools program, which creates unique experimental learning opportunities for students.

The inaugural Hack4cities brought together students from public and independent schools in Western Sydney with Western Sydney University, the private sector, and local and state governments, to explore solutions to community-based problems around the future of work.

The approach recognises that developing students’ critical thinking skills and instilling a collaborative approach to problem-solving is essential to equip them to deal with these challenges.

Stage 4 students were assisted by dedicated mentors from participating organisations to come up with solutions to set challenges. Students worked with mentors from Landcom, UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation, NAB, Western Sydney University, Western Sydney Local Health District and Campbelltown, Liverpool, Penrith, Cumberland and Parramatta councils, who pinpointed the region’s most pressing issues.

Students explored the theme of the future of work, including the quality of long-term health, youth engagement, education, heritage and the new aerotropolis at Badgery’s Creek.

The students collaborated in small groups to explore the problems, whilst being adaptive, resilient, creative and innovative in the process.

At the end of the event, students pitched their solutions to a panel of judges and prizes were awarded for the most innovative and practical options.