For the second year in a row, Landcom and UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation were delighted to host Co.Lab 2018!

On 22 November 2018, Australia’s leading researchers about smart cities, sustainable development, placemaking, urban design, urban agriculture, collaborative robotics and other exciting technological came together at Parramatta North Heritage Core to discuss the challenges and opportunities for addressing complex urban issues.

We had:

  • 324 attendees
  • 43 presentations on cutting edge urban research
  • 10 fascinating panel discussions
  • 13 amazing exhibition spaces – including the wonderful Schools Zone and exemplar student works displays
  • Hundreds of new conversations started and new collaborations formed!

To help us make Co.Lab even better we invite you to take a moment to answer this short survey.

Co.Lab2018 presentations

Reflections on Place

  • Bonney Djuric (Parragirls) - Parragirls Memory Project - Download 
  • Iva Durakovic (UNSW), Olivia Green (UNSW) - Interior Architecture Design Studio at Parramatta North - Download
  • Dr Linda Steele (UTS), Fiona Yeh (UTS) - Understanding a Site of Conscience - Download
  • Alicia Talbot (UrbanGrowth NSW) Reflections on Parramatta North Heritage Core - Download 

Spotlight on Housing

  • Professor Gerard Reinmuth (UTS), Dr Louise Crabtree (WSU), Dr Neil Perry - Creating the City We Want - Download | Watch
  • Dr Janet Ge (UTS) - Predictive House Pricing Model - Download | Watch
  • Janet Chappell (Landcom), Jennifer Gavin (Landcom) - Housing Indicators Tool - Download | Watch
  • Professor Hal Pawson (UNSW) - Affordable Build to Rent - Download | Watch

Cool Tools

  • Associate Professor Lan Ding (Los Carbon Living CRC) - Urban Heat Island Decision Support Tool - Download
  • Professor Chris Pettit (UNSW) - Integrated City Planning using RAISE - Download
  • Christina Silk (UNSW) - Exploring Urban Forests - Download
  • Dr Abby Mellick-Lopes (WSU), Dr Louise Crabtree (WSU) - Cooling the Commons - Download

City Shaping 

  • Nicole Campbell (Landcom), Associate Professor Simon Pinnegar (UNSW) - Determining Landcom's Place in Western Sydney
  • Adjunct Professor Tonny Veal, Associate Professor Awais Piracha (WSU) From Suburban to Urban - Download
  • Professor Pascal Perez (UOW) - Connect City Data Hub - Download 
  • Alicia Pozniak (Govt Architect NSW) - Designing for Housing Diversity - Download

Food for Thought

  • Ian Ritchie (UTS), John Dawson (UTS) - Bella Vista as a Foodie Destination - Download | Watch
  • Dora Kindis Year 8 students (James Ruse Agricultural High School) Facing the Future: Farm to Eco Village - Download | Watch
  • New Generation Workspaces - Download | Watch
  • Dr Alana Mann (USYD), Dr Sumita Ghosh (UTS) - Growing Food and Density Together - Download | Watch

Innovation in Building

  • Belinda Thompson (Landcom) - VET in Schools - Download
  • Dr Laurence Kimmel (UNSW), Dr Pernille Christensen (UTS) - Safe and Secure Public Domain - Download
  • Navodana Rodrigo (WSU) - Carbon Neutral Land Development - Download
  • Associate Professor Hank Haeusler (UNSW), Professor Kerry London (WSU), Dr Dagmar Reinhardt (USYD) - Collaborative Robotics - Download

Living Cities

  • Lauren Kajewski (Landcom) - Landcom Healthy and Inclusive Places Survey - Download
  • Gavin Heaton (Disruptor's Handbook) - Hack4Cities › Healthy Higher Density Living - Download
  • Emma Clinton (UNSW) - New Boarding Houses - Download

Regeneration of Place

  • Professor Sueanne Ware (UON) - Power Plants - Download
  • Dr Michael Cohen (City People) - Valuing Creative Placemaking - Download
  • Associate Professor Hank Haeusler (UNSW) - Designing 3D-Bioshelters - Download
  • Chris Vella (Cool Australia), Belinda Thompson (Landcom) - A Digital Resource for School Geography - Liveability and Creating Change - Download

A New View 

  • Sara Wilson (Kathy Jones Associates), Associate Professor Hank Haeusler (UNSW) - Community Engagement 4.0 - Download
  • Jake Nicol (USYD) - Emerging Urban Innovations – US Study Tour - Download
  • Emilie Baganz (WSU) - Valuing Diversity in Urban Renewal - Download
  • Glen Halliday (Observatory Hill Environmental Education Centre), Jennifer Sweeney (Landcom) A Fieldwork Trip to Green Square - Download

Learning Initiatives

  • Deb Hatter (Landcom) - Skills Exchange - Download
  • Dr Dallas Rodgers (WSU), Dr Pernille Christensen (UTS), Tiaan Mackenzie (UTS) - Collaborative Urban Teaching Platform - Download

The information contained in these presentations have been prepared in good faith and with due care, however, Landcom gives no warranty or representation as to its accuracy or completeness. To the extent permitted by law, Landcom (including its agents or employees) disclaims any liability whatsoever in connection with, reliance upon, or use of any part of these presentations by any person. The views expressed in the presentations by third parties are those of the individual, and are neither endorsed nor supported by Landcom and do not necessarily reflect any policies, procedures, standards of Landcom or the NSW Government. Independent professional advice should be obtained before relying on or utilising any information provided in any of the presentations.