We believe protecting the character and liveability of our built environment requires a considered, sensitive and responsive approach to the design of buildings and places.

Housing is an integral part of the built fabric of our city. Good design of housing at the urban, precinct and building scale is vital to the continued prosperity and character of the city.

Urban scale

At the urban scale, good design can:

  • embed accessibility via active and public transport, reducing travel costs and improving health
  • deliver a people-friendly public realm, which supports community development and social interaction, and provides enhanced recreation opportunities
  • embed opportunities for affordable housing and living
  • reduce energy and water costs through compact, accessible development patterns.

Public realm

A well-designed public realm also delivers greater value through higher amenity and attractive streetscapes, which support business and economic performance and greater durability, and lower maintenance costs over time.

Residential design

Design excellence can enhance liveability and comfort. It can reduce energy and water demands leading to cost savings, and increase adaptability to respond to changing uses and demands over time.