Soldiers Honoured at Edmondson Park


Thursday 26 June 2014: Soldiers who trained at Ingleburn Army Camp were honoured at Edmondson Park today, with the naming of Soldiers Parade as its new main road.

The name, Soldiers Parade was chosen to reflect the history of the Ingleburn Army Camp and how  ‘men went into Ingleburn Army Camp and out came soldiers’.

Soldiers Parade is the main access road into the future Edmondson Park Train Station and Town Centre.

Donna Savage, Development Director, UrbanGrowth NSW (formerly Landcom) said choosing this name for such a prominent road in the new town, honours all who served at the Army Camp and forever recognises the significant military history of Edmondson Park.

“The history of the land is not lost in the new town and community. Around town, you’ll find local history interpreted through place and street names, and in public spaces.

“Soldiers Parade is one of a number of key items of infrastructure at Edmondson Park. Each piece of infrastructure acts as a catalyst, stimulating further development in the area,“ said Ms Savage.

Covering an area of approximately 800 hectares, the Edmondson Park Release Area will incorporate 7,500 – 8,000 homes. UrbanGrowth NSW’s landholdings will provide 3,500 homes, most of which are within 800m of the future town centre and train station.

The future Edmondson Park town centre will feature a Main Street with a supermarket, shops, cafes and restaurants, commercial and community spaces all set around the new train station, a bus-rail interchange and the Regional Park and extensive open space network.

“Edmondson Park reflects new suburbia, a traditional residential community anchored by a walkable town centre, local education and employment opportunities, plentiful and diverse public space and access to quality public transport options.

“Edmondson Park will be a suburb where you can stay for life because the homes here will accommodate a range of families,” said Ms Savage.

Edmondson Park features a diverse range of housing types to satisfy all lifestyles and budgets, from rural lots to new compact housing.

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