About The Peninsula at Wentworth Point Project

The Peninsula comprises two distinct but connected waterfront neighbourhoods at the northernmost end of Wentworth Point. This project is unique for the Landcom portfolio, as it represents the first time we have been engaged as a development manager on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services for its major land disposal, and the development of its maritime facility concepts. Our focus is on obtaining the required planning approvals for the enabling infrastructure and major works, and coordinating the sale to the private sector.

What is proposed

As one of the government’s first priority precincts, The Peninsula masterplan seeks to deliver key government objectives:

  • quick housing supply
  • a high quality peninsula park
  • a primary school
  • pedestrian and cycle promenade around an active river foreshore
  • a maritime precinct.

There is demand for people to live in this area due to the easily accessible and upgraded ferry transport links, employment opportunities, Homebush Bay Bridge, public space, traffic upgrades and recreation facilities at nearby Sydney Olympic Park. 

Current status

Landcom has so far secured infrastructure and public domain approvals for a new subdivision and a stage 1 Development consent for an overwater rowing club.

We have recently secured the sale of the Western Hill Road parcel to Sekisui House, who will now be delivering upwards of 2000 units and a new, upgraded foreshore and seawall.

Roads and Maritime have concluded the sale of a site to the Department of Education who are currently constructing a new primary school, anticipated to open in 2018.

We are currently working with Roads and Maritime to secure its marina approvals before returning to the market with the Burroway Road offering. 


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2,500 proposed dwellings

2,600 new jobs

$2.2bn end value

Maritime precinct

The team has developed an integrated maritime precinct as a key feature of the development. The 250 dry boat storage facility and 63 wet berth marina are expected to meet a growing demand for maritime berthing facilities in western Sydney.

A three level over water community rowing club will cater for high performance training teams and will be available for the local community to utilise. 

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Contact us

If you have any questions about The Peninsula at Wentworth Point project, please contact us on:

Phone: (02) 9841 8600
email: enquiry@urbangrowth.nsw.gov.au




  • First apartments to be delivered by the private sector
  • Peninsula park to open
  • Rowing club to open



  • 18 classroom primary school to open 



  • Developer appointed



  • Park and maritime facilities development application approvals obtained



  • Rezoning for the Wentworth Point UAP announced by the Minister for Planning
  • Local community consultation during rezoning