Welcome to Newleaf at Bonnyrigg

Landcom is assisting Land and Housing Corporation NSW (LAHC) to redevelop part of the housing estate at Bonnyrigg. Together we are providing new social and private homes, as well as roads, parks and facilities, to create an inclusive and vibrant community.

New homes now selling

House and land packages in Stage 5 are available for sale from Eden Brae Homes, Firstyle Homes and Wisdom Homes.

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Development update

Park Image Next to development update2Construction of homes in Stage 4 has started. For safety reasons, the current road closures and site fencing will stay in place while we build the new houses. Please continue to take note of the signs and safety fencing around the construction area, as these will indicate any changes to vehicle and pedestrian access during the works.

While the houses are being built, traffic will enter the site from:

  • Edensor Road, along Newleaf Parade
  • Humphries Road, along Bunker Parade
  • Humphries Road, along Bishop Crescent.

Contractors have been asked to park on the construction site and to minimise the use of neighbouring streets for access and deliveries. Thank you for your patience while this work is being carried out.

In August 2017, we submitted a Development Application (DA) to Fairfield City Council for development of Stages 6a and 7 of the project. This is for the area between Bunker Parade, Wall Place, Tarlington Parade and Palisade Crescent. Click here to view the plan. The DA includes the demolition of Land and Housing Corporation-owned homes in Stubbs Place, Kain Place and Bean Place, as well as numbers 12, 13, and 14 Laycock Place. All affected residents have been notified and are being assisted with their relocation by Newleaf Communities.

The new development is for 161 homes of which around 30% will be for social tenants and 70% for private sale. The development includes for a variety of new homes including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and 3 and 4 bed houses. The houses include terraces, duplexes and detached homes. The apartments will be located on Wall Place opposite the Newleaf Communities offices and will look like the image below.

10727 Bonnyrigg Stage 6a 7 Public Apartment Cam 02 02

Subject to approvals, we expect to commence work in mid -2018, though demolition may occur earlier.

Project information

LAHC is undertaking the long term rejuvenation of the Bonnyrigg housing estate to create a sustainable community.

The concept plan for the long term rejuvenation of the estate reflects the outcomes of an extensive process of consultation with stakeholders and involves:

  • 18 stages of development of which 3 have already been completed
  • An increase in the number of homes on the estate, from 833 homes to approximately 2,500
  • A change in the social mix of the estate from 100% social housing to approximately 70% private and 30% social
  • New or upgraded urban infrastructure such as pathways, lighting, open space, community facilities, drainage and a series of new interconnecting public roads.


Who is BMD?

BMD Construction Pty Ltd (BMD) is the appointed contractor undertaking the civil works for Stages 4 and 5 at Newleaf, Bonnyrigg.

Civil works started in late June 2016 and will be complete in mid 2017.

BMD is an experienced civil construction company based in Rhodes, Sydney.

Staff on site can be identified by the logos on their safety clothing.

What are we building?

  • A new 2.6 hectare park to be known as Bunker Park (off the existing Bunker Parade). This will include a basketball court, play area, informal handball and kick about area.
  • New roads and services for 185 lots that form Stages 4 and 5 of the Newleaf development.

What are the working hours?

BMD’s working hours are:

  • Mondays to Fridays 7am to 6pm
  • Saturdays 8am to 1pm

What are the road and footpath changes?

There will be a number of changes to footpaths and roads during the works. Signage and variable message boards will be in place to detail closures and alternative routes. Residents may need to allow extra time for their journey.

  • The section of Bunker Parade between Shoemaker Place and Reeves Crescent has been removed and a new connection built to Newleaf Parade. This connection will remain closed during construction works.
  • A road closure is in place from the connection between Bishop Crescent and Sandilands Avenue.
  • Temporary access for residents of Shoemaker Place has been provided from Stubbs Place.
  • Pedestrian footpaths are closed though the work area. Redundant routes will be removed and new estate paths created.
  • Site fencing will be placed around the edge of the works area. Due to safety reasons it is important that residents respect the fencing and do not go onto the work areas without the specific consent of the contractor.



March 2018

First residents expected to move into new homes in Stage 4


May 2017

Civil works completed in stage 4

June 2017

Housing construction planned to commence in Stage 4


December 2017

Housing construction expected to commence in Stage 5


August 2017

  • Bunker Park is now opened
  • Civil works due to be completed in Stage 5


June 2016

Civil works commenced in Stages 4 and 5


January 2015

Planning for Stage 5 commenced


August 2014

UrbanGrowth NSW commenced work with Land and Housing Corporation (NSW) to deliver Stages 4 and 5 of Newleaf at Bonnyrigg.

December 2014

Planning for Stage 4 commenced

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