About the Lachlan's Line Project

Lachlan’s Line forms the northern end of the North Ryde Station Priority Precinct announced by the NSW Government in September 2013. Landcom is the site masterplan developer.

Our role is to deliver all the required civil and lead-in infrastructure and services including roads, public domain, open spaces, parks, play areas, public art, and a pedestrian and cycle bridge connecting North Ryde Station to the precinct.

During and after the completion of the civil and landscaping works, our intention is to release serviced super-lot development parcels for predominately future housing supply.

What is proposed

Lachlan’s Line is a masterplanned community that will be the gateway to the Macquarie Park employment corridor, between the North Ryde and Macquarie Park train stations. The precinct will feature residential apartments, high quality open spaces, parks, playgrounds and retail spaces. 

The precinct has potential to be one of Sydney’s largest and most successful transit oriented developments. The vision for Lachlan’s Line is to transform a redundant industrial site into a quality, publicly accessible and connected local destination.

Current status

Works on site have commenced and will involve site clearing and bulk earthworks to allow for the roads, services and landscaping works. The development of apartments and retail is expected to start in late-2016.

Landcom will deliver $48M worth of infrastructure, services and utilities for the local community including parks, community facilities, cycleways and public artworks.

As part of this delivery, UrbanGrowth NSW has set out an agreed vision with Ryde City Council through a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA). Details of the VPA are on exhibition at Ryde City Council between 1st and 28th June 2016 and can be viewed here.

Lachlan's Line | Lights Up Festival

Lachlan's Line fly through


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2,700 residential dwellings

5000 new residents

$150m State Government Investment

Social & Sustainability initiatives

Social initiatives include: 

  • ongoing community engagement to inform the local residents about development progress and implications
  • plans to involve the local community in development activities through information sessions and community events both during and after construction.

Sustainability initiatives include:

  • a focus on transit oriented development that will integrate transport options making travel between work, home and other journeys easier
  • bush regeneration including a public board walk, site remediation and revitalising unused land.

Public art

"Change. Opportunity. Rejuvenation.” Emerging ‪‎artist‬ Justin Sayarath talks about his ‪‎inspiration‬ for Central Park ‪artwork‬ 'Fiorire In Bloom'.

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