Improving housing affordability in NSW

The NSW Government is taking action to improve housing affordability across the state, particularly in Sydney where the challenge is the greatest, and has asked Landcom to reorient our business towards this goal. We now have a new and very clear mandate – to take a lead role in improving the supply, diversity and affordability of new housing in Sydney and NSW. 

Increase the affordability, supply and diversity of housing

We will undertake strategic projects in Sydney and other parts of the state, demonstrating different potential housing solutions. New housing will include a mix of types, tenures and price points for a range of households, particularly moderate income households and first home buyers.

We will also provide practical advice to Government on policy initiatives, and the cost impact of these to the private sector.

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Landcom aims to:


Make it easier for people to own their own home

Home ownership is an important aspiration for Australians. Innovations in design, delivery and nancing may give people access to new options. 


Demonstrate new housing typologies to provide a greater choice of homes

Changing demographics and household structures mean that we need a much greater mix of home types now and in the future. 


Deliver strategic projects across NSW

Sometimes Landcom’s involvement will be required where development is not proceeding as planned or assistance is required to create new development opportunities. 

Landcom Strategic Directions

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