The Landcom Difference


Landcom is an organisation with a proven track record in delivering award-winning housing estates that demonstrate the highest standards in quality urban design.

Our projects have set benchmarks within the development industry and reflect positively on our ability to work across government and the private sector to deliver sustainable communities.

We adopt a practical approach to promote the development of sustainable communities in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. Landcom adds value to local communities throughout NSW by master planning housing estates and facilitating the infrastructure needed to support them.

We also understand that strong and successful communities need more than bricks and mortar to sustain them. Over the years, we have spearheaded a range of innovative and successful programs in the communities we establish. These include our “walking school bus” initiative – promoting healthy travel choices for students; and our Water Sensitive Urban Design Strategy – improving water quality management.

In short, we design our communities with people in mind.

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